Well….. I have a lot of stuff to work on

threwdown with my buddy Steve during Sunday’s partner WOD. It works out in several ways, we’re both over 6’ tall, we are both pushing 50 (him more so than me), and we both like to push ourselves. He has the advantage of being stronger and not having to take time off for surgery of late. I’m faster.

Warmed up on our box’s new Air Assault bikes, and he mentioned how much they sucked during our comp back in August. Told him flat out, “I’d definitely be up for competing again as a team.”

He’s somewhat conservative and replied, “I’d kind of like to, but not for a couple of months. Need to improve my double unders, etc, etc…..”

Had to shake my head.

“Dude – I’m not even cleared to run or squat with weight at this point. It’s going to be 6-12 months before I can even think about competing. Trust me. You have time…..”

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