On the $cost of Clothing

2010 0630 Lululemon Flashback Jacket DCSG RearSaid “Hi” to a young lady at the gym. I’ve been out several months, so I wasn’t sure if she was new or if I was. Turns out she was changing over from another gym. Saying “Hi” is so easy. Being an extreme introvert I never do it in public, but at CrossFit it’s so easy just to be welcoming.

That’s it. Just said hi. Driving home I started doing some math. I did notice what she was wearing. C’mon, I’m old and married and was totally being nice but I’m not dead

Reebok Nano 4.0’s
Lulu pants
Lulu jacket
Lulu shirt
Given the other gear I’m assuming a Lulu jog bra too

OK, Nanos run about $115, pants about $100, jacket an easy $100-$120, shirt (I’m guessing) is $75, bra prob $50

Damn! That’s an easy $400+ worth of clothing. This sport ain’t cheap ladies.

but you probably knew that.

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