Check the darn blog before showing up – WOD

WODIFY…. kinda sucks. It only allows me to see the schedule of my box. There are 4 others I can go to, but only my box’s schedule is shown. Turns out the San Jose location only offered a 7am today instead of 7am and 8am because they were hosting a Level 1. Hoping to get in an out early I showed up for the 8am WOD. OK, it was posted on the right side of the blog, but I didn’t see it. Signing in early, which I normally do, via the app would have let me know that there was no 8am at San Jose, but I’m Santa Clara…. #appproblems

Note to self: check blog carefully.

WOD 01_10_13

WOD was spicy. I made it less so because I can’t squat clean yet. Doing power cleans is much less work than doing full squat.

Teamed up with a guy I’ve seen but didn’t know. He wanted to use 95# which I was cool with. Thursday’s WOD was a really nasty run/power clean combo that had 75 power cleans I did at 115#, so 95# was well within scope.

Started first and knocked out my cleans and then huffed and puffed through the burpee box jumps.

He was doing squat cleans which are a lot more effort. Then it was on to the round of 12. and then 15 (he was doing power cleans now too). By now the burpees sucked – they always do – but the cleans were feeling good. Was trying to focus on technique instead of just slinging the weight up.

I finished my round of 18.

Good burner with rest between sets.

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