Hip Lateral Stability – or lack thereof….

WOD was squat clean thrusters. Given that I’m not in position to squat these days I was doing power clean thrusters. Still have to get the weight off the floor though.

A while back, pre-surgery, Coach Reggie pointed out that my right knee dips way in when I clean. By “way in” I mean “my foot comes off the ground and resets before I catch the bar” way in. Turns out my Physical Therapist is all up in my shit about lateral stability. I mentioned this to Reggie, and he was pleased to get some feedback from a professional. I guess CF coaches don’t get a lot of that.

Back to the other day. Not just 1, but 3 coaches called me out for my right knee bowing way in during the power clean. Wow. I knew it was bad, but is it that obvious? While I’m usually very much against taking pics of myself, i.e. making an ass of myself by seeming self-centered at the gym, I really think it’s time to get some video.

Not that I doubt anyone. On the contrary, I fully agree with them. It’s that I need to see it to really drill it thoroughly into my subconscious and MAKE me do the stability work.

Big question – how the hell did this get away from me for so long? I can see it not being a huge deal on the bike, but running? Especially trail running? What the fuck was I doing to compensate for this glaring weakness?

Maybe I really don’t want to know.

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