Never buy a woman a pair of pants!

Discussion on another forum about a gift of a pair of pants. Discussion was about sizing but it deviated quickly. Some calling out loudly, “NEVER BUY A WOMAN PANTS. THAT’S NOT A REASONABLE GIFT!!!” and “Jewelry is a gift. Pants are clothing!”

Ok. First off. Shut the fuck up!

Clearly one should never buy YOU a pair of pants as a gift, but this dude ain’t married to you. He’s married to a woman he has known for 30-some years. Yeah. 30. Older than the damned Internet itself. He probably has a decent idea of what his wife likes for a gift by now.

Maybe she doesn’t like pants for a gift. That’s cool. I’ve met her, and I know she doesn’t like jewelry. While you like it not all “women” do. Deal with it and quit giving advice on a subject you clearly know nothing about.


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