So you want to do the CrossFit Open Masters Qualifier? Here’s what you will need to do

In 2014, the CrossFit Open introduced a “Master’s Qualifier.” Instead of the Top-20 Men and Women from each age group getting slots for the Games, the top-200 finishers participated in an “at-home” weekend of WODs in order to qualify for the top 20 slots at the Games.

I don’t get to play in the CrossFit Open this year due to my hip, but after last year’s Games season I put together a quick analysis of what it took to get into the 2014 Master’s Qualifier for Men in the 45-49 Age Group. Truth be told – I was looking to see just how much I would need to improve…. Yet another surgery screwed that pooch for 2015.

I took the results for men who finished from 190th to 210th place in the 2014 Open in the 45-49 age group and did a quick average and standard deviation for each 2014 Open WOD result. Without further adieu… Here’s what you would have needed to produce in order to get invited to participate in the 2014 Master’s Qualifier:

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 6.41.56 PM

Why 190-210 when it was the “top 200” who qualified for the Master’s Qualifier?

I was trying to get a feel for what it might take to qualify. Given that people’s results varied by each workout I wanted to get results that are a bit more global. You could look only at the 200th place finisher’s results, but that is not representative of an average. I chose not to take an average of all 200 top finishers because results vary widely between the Top-20 and the guys down the ladder at 199 and 200.

FYI, I also screen scraped the self-reported 1 rep max lifts and times for the Girls and will post that later. It’s less accurate due to less data and non-judged results, but it’s also very interesting data to consider.

Yes, I also have the results for the Top-30 men in this age group too. Will be posting a comparison between the Top-20 and the Top 190-210 a bit later.

Yes, I am a math nerd. Did you think otherwise?

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  1. Mick crysler

    I will be 60 in June 2015. I can’t do open this year but what would I need to qualify


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