What it took to get into the 2014 CrossFit Open Masters Qualifier – All Age Groups

Initially I assessed what it would have taken for a Male in the 45-49 Age Group to get into the Masters Qualifier in 2014. I only did the M45-49 age group because…I’m self-centered that way… Plus, I manually converted the data. Doing 20 entries across 5 WODs was a great way to procrastinate something really important (whatever that may have been at the time).

After sharing this info I got the inevitable, “do you have the data for Women in the 55-59 age group?” – substitute your age and gender.

But manually converting the data for 10 age groups wasn’t going to work because this is a copy and paste from the Games Leaderboard. I had to play around a bit with truncating the strings and converting formats. Well, here goes:

In order to made it into the Top 200 for each Masters Age Group you would have had to perform as follows:

Masters Qualifier 190-210 all Age Groups Open 2014 resized



  • 2015 is NOT 2014. We will not see the same WODs this year.
  • Competition this year will probably be even tougher than last year.
  • The sample is for people who finished from 190th to 210th place. i.e. The folks “on the bubble”
  • The Rx weights change at the 55-59 age group which is why the reps increase for some WODs compared to the 50-54 age group.

This analysis is about qualifying for the Masters Qualifier NOT about WINNING the Masters Qualifier. Heck, it’s not even about what the Top-20 in each age group accomplished during the Open. If you are wondering how you stack up just to get into the Top-200 then this chart is for you.

If I was able to compete and had this as my goal, I would redo 14.1 through 14.5 and see where I was at compared to the 2014 crowd. From there I would assess:

Am I close?
Am I shit out of luck?
If I’m close can I give 5% more in each WOD to break through?

NOTE: I say “I would” redo in purely a theoretical sense because there is NO WAY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH THAT I WILL EVER DO 14.5 AGAIN. EVER!!!

But you may have a different opinion.

Good luck to everyone doing the 2015 Open, and, if you have a minute, leave me a note letting me know if this information helps you.



4 thoughts on “What it took to get into the 2014 CrossFit Open Masters Qualifier – All Age Groups

  1. FisCon

    I redid 14.5 a second time to assure that I got in, and almost did it a 3rd time as I was nervous. I was happy to have gotten in, but kicking myself a bit to find out that doing 14.5 again was unnecessary. Now…14.5 is in a hopper of workouts kept at my gym which aren’t announced until class begins each Saturday morning. We’re 1/2 way through the hopper an I’m praying that I’m on vacation or sick the future Saturday when it comes up, as I feel I’ve already paid my dues….twice. Good luck on the Open!

  2. Dustin Kreidler

    As a 38 year old prepping for a Masters run in 2-3 years, this is AWESOME! And oh so VERY disheartening! Erm, I mean, *helpful* in terms of setting MUCH larger goals! Cheers! 😀

  3. Getting to Rx

    Good luck to you…. I’m sitting out this year due to injury. In truth I would love to redo 14.5. It was by far my worst performance in 2014. Thrusters kill me.

  4. MiTch

    Good advice, thanks. I’m working on a plan of getting to the Games in 3 years time. This will be my first year of attempting the Open properly in the 45-49 age group which after doing some of my own research and cross referencing against your table, is out of my reach. As of April I will be 50 and the next age grouping looks far more achieveable.


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