WOD 1/11 – ring dips? No thank you….

Team WOD. In teams of two:

WOD 1_11Descending push-press and ring dips, 20 cal on our spankin’ new Air Assault bikes every round.

Teamed up with Steve, as usual. It’s good as we push each other. He is much stronger. I am faster. Kinda. I have a lot of CrossFit style muscle endurance to get back. Did it Rx which wasn’t too heavy but started hurting after a bit.

Ring dips? I don’t think I did a single legit rep…. Damn I suck. The only way to get better is to do the work though. In the first round Steve yelled, “Kip them RON!” – but I have never tried to kip ring dips. Watching him I had the idea, but I looked like a flopping fish gasping for breath.

Air Assault Bike? I don’t care what kind of shape I’m in. I know how to ride a damned bike. If you have ever done a 20k or a 40k time trial on a bike you have learned what pain is and how to get there. 10 calories is nothing. Head down and go.

The distal ends of my quads were screaming after this WOD. I tried to walk it off, but I could only hobble. Tough stuff.

My girls came with and focussed on rope climbs. One would climb about 10′ up and hold on while the other would swing her. Try it. It’s great workout for both parties.

Then we did “Sexy Abs Sunday” – 40 sit-ups, 30 v-ups, 20 toes-to-bar. I think I need to workout just so Sunday’s won’t kill me.

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