Yes Virginia, it IS called a “squat clean”

Are kipping pull-ups legitimate?

Is high rep Olympic weightlifting bad for you?

Does it mark you as an idiot to use the term “squat clean?”

OK folks, I can only do so much. Today I’ll take on question #3. Oly lifters will say “there is no such thing as a “squat clean.” It’s a clean. You either squat or you don’t.”

Fine. That’s great for people who focus, and excel at, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. CrossFitters don’t focus only on those two incredibly important lifts. We do a lot more. We LIKE to do a lot more.

Because of that our lingo varies from the Olympic Lifting crowd. In some CrossFit workouts there is a specific focus on doing the full squat in a clean. Maybe the weight is only 95#’s which just about any male can readily muscle clean (i.e. no dip at all when receiving the bar). But try to do that 15 times a round for 5 rounds when hitting a full squat and things change. Shit gets a lot harder.

That’s the point. The WOD standard is about what effort you need to put out. Doing Power cleans instead of fully squatting changes the effort. That’s why it’s a “squat clean.” And that’s why it is appropriate to use the term “squat clean.”

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