Ugh. Really. Just “ugh”

WOD was meh at best. Deadlifts and a mini Iron Triathlon.

5 sets of 6 deadlifts at 75% 1RM, every 3 minutes

That’s a LOT of time standing around. Should have been pulling 320# (max 425#), but, things being what they are, I pulled 135#. During warmup I did 5 reps at 225#’s. That hurt my hip. It was not a good feeling. Just to be part of the group I did 135. Yeah, 30% of max….

I know… I gotta heal. I have to fully recover. I can hurt myself. It’s only been 4 months BUT!!! still really sucks.

I won’t eve write the WOD. Here’s a pic.

That’s a LOT of reps. Felt all kinds of suck. Big reminder – you are NOT in Open condition.

Bailed out after the Front Squats, and I didn’t even hit depth.

Keep moving. Keep recovering. Tough road though.

Hope you hit it hard today.

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