If I can’t pick goals for 2015, can I pick CrossFit disappointments I want to avoid?

It should not come as a surprise, but I have been struggling with goal setting for this year. Yes, Type-A me has no clue what to shoot for, and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve written about goals a couple of times already.. like here, and here… I stand wholeheartedly behind the first post. There really is nothing more important than being a better father to my girls.

But what should I write on my whiteboard for CrossFit? I have no idea. OK, that’s not really correct. I have an idea of what to shoot for, but I don’t know how to or if I can get there. Hip surgery seems to be going really well, but “full recovery” will be several more months. I’m not supposed to be handling weight until March, and I’m already doing so. But the uncertainty of the recovery process makes it hard to say when I can really get back to CrossFit with a passion. I’m trying to look at 2015 as a prep year for 2016. There’s just too much unknown about 2015 to make any concrete plans for this year.

That said (i.e. these really are my plans if I were to make plans…..) I would be really disappointed if I was to enter 2016 without accomplishing:

  • 300# back squat
  • 225# clean
  • sub-5:00 Fran
  • 50 consecutive Double Unders (all I have to do is buy a new jump rope, right?)
  • 200# jerk
  • consecutive muscle ups (2 is “consecutive”…)

I’m just laying it out there. My head says, “set goals. make a plan. drive results.” My heart says, “Dude, just roll with it.”

What do you say?

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