I just started my CrossFit intro class. I’m over 50 and the coaches don’t seem to be aware of specifics related to older athletes. Have you found this to be common?

Who you calling “older?”… 😉

I have not found that to be a problem. Coaches that I have dealt with have been good about letting anyone adjust the workout to suit their needs.

One thing to really pay attention to is mobility (or flexibility as most folks call it). I’ve found that to be a big issue with older, more used joints. You need to take the time to warm up, roll out. Sure, everyone needs to mobilize, but it’s even more important for masters athletes.

Another thing – don’t get caught up in the competition early on. It’s better to do 20 technically accurate lifts in a WOD with 65#’s than it is to do 20 really sloppy reps with 95#’s. Technique first and foremost, and mobility is a huge part of technique.

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