Might as well have been solo – WOD

Yesterday was a tough slog. Sometimes getting through the slog feels better than blasting through a wheelhouse WOD. Sometimes…. yeah, I felt good for doing the work.

Main thing is that my engine is weak. Just don’t have that drive to go deep in the pain cave. It will come back. It just takes time.

WOD was 4 rounds:
3 rope climbs
18 Toes-to-Bar
36 push-ups

With only 3 ropes and 25 people in class we all started at different points. I started with push-ups. Left shoulder still jacked, so it was right arm dominant push-ups for me. Rope climbs are something I can do but need endurance for, and I switched to 10 strict pull-ups for round 4. Toes-to-bar – knees to chest more like it.

It was a grinder. With people at all stages of the WOD I couldn’t key off of anyone in particular to get just a little bit of spark. I tried rope climbs with gloves. Great for the way down – sucked for the way up.

Honestly speaking, this was a total fucking slog that I didn’t even finish within the time cap. Wasn’t happy at any point during this one, but that’s the nature of the beast. The only way to get the engine back is to do the work.

Buy Out: 50 calories on the Air Assault bike. averaged 13.x cal/minute, so I got that going for me.

Not every day is wine and roses.

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