Physical Therapist says….. WTF? among other things (finally some good hip knowledge)

I have been doing a LOT of thinking about my hip instability – or my leg instability. My right knee always buckles in under load. CrossFitters should know it as valgus knee. (good KStarr video on knee problems here).

So how did I do trail running and backcountry fastpacking on tough terrain and years and years of running, etc. when my right leg barely supports itself correctly?

PT said, “well maybe that’s WHY your hip wore down so much. You had the problem and you kept compensating when your knee buckled in by allowing abnormal forces to drive up through your hip. You mentioned before that you used to sprain your right ankle a lot too. Clearly your foot was not landing properly.”

Is it weird that I feel better knowing that I’ve probably had this problem all along?

I’m a big fan of solving problems. I am a bigger fan on really solving the problem instead of just covering it up with a pretty layer of Bondo and paint.

To really solve the problem you need to know what it is. Clearly my hip has been a problem for a long time, but I didn’t realize it. I am not at all excited about the boring-ass exercises I will need to do to get healthy, but my 1RM back squat is going to be one hell of a lot higher (not to mention my clean) when I can actually drive with real power through both of my legs….

This is going to be good.

I’ll tell you later how pissed off PT was that I’m already running….

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