So you want to WIN your CrossFit Open Masters Age Group? Here's what it took in 2014

As soon as I posted a brief analysis of what it took to get into the Master’s Qualifier for Men in the 45-49 age group I immediately received, “This is cool, but what about Women in the [insert age group here]? Do you have that?”

Then I posted a comprehensive table for all age groups and genders. OK, 2 recognized genders, but that’s an entirely different subject best not addressed here….. and I got more questions. “Getting into the Qualifier is good. What did it take to win my age group?” and “What did it take to get to the Games as a 57 year old male?” CrossFitters are a decidedly data driven group. One question at a time…. that’s all I’m capable of (as I often remind my kids).

Here are the averages of the Top-30 finishers’ scores for the 5 CrossFit Open workouts in 2014, broken down by age group.

CrossFit Open 2014 Top 30 Masters all age groups

 Quick refresher:

14.1 (11.1) Double Unders & Snatches
14.2 Ascending Ladder: Overhead squats & Chest-to-Bar pull-ups
14.3 Ascending Ladder: Deadlift & Box Jump
14.4 Chipper: Calorie Row, Toes-to-Bar, Wallballs, Muscle-ups
14.5 Thrusters & Bar-over-Burpees

About the table:

I am doing this  in a very simple way. Pull data from the Games site, drop it in a spreadsheet, and take the average. Nothing more.

Open Questions…..

No doubt several people will wonder, “OK, this is great for winning the Open, but what did it take to win the Master’s Qualifier?” – which is a great question. It is fairly easy to answer, and I plan to do so later on. Bear with me.

Another question that I would like to answer is, “This table is the Top-30 athletes in the Open. What happened during the Masters Qualifier? Did the Top-20 stay the Top-20 and go to the Games, or did other people break into the Top-20 during the Qualifier?”

Short answer – the Top-20 was fairly static, but it did change up a bit. I’m hoping to find time to look at that too.

How did your scores compare, and are you more prepared this year than you were last year? 

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