3-thirties – WOD

strength was supposedly 5 rounds on 6 front squats at 65% of max every 3 minutes.

Supposedly because I did 65#’s. Yeah. the bar and dime plates. I had really good form though… does that count? Not to be all mopey, but it flat out sucks to go so light. I’ll be doing a separate writeup and what the dude across from me said. I wanted to clue him in with a neck-punch, but that’s usually frowned upon.


30 Calorie Row
30 bar-facing burpees
30 hang squat cleans Rx 95#, I stuck with my 65#.

Row – done in 1:04. 28 Calories/minute. I’ll take it.

Bar facing burpees? What is there to say? They kinda suck, and you kinda have to just do them.

Hang squat cleans? Thought about going Rx but doing Power cleans. Figured I would try to do the squat cleans but do them carefully. Holy hell my form sucked. I mean SUCKED. Almost fell over cleaning 65#s…. It hurts to realize just how much I’ve lost. So much fitness missing.

Got them done. Made my right knee stay OUT instead of tracking in.

Where, oh where did my fitness go? Oh where. Oh where can it be????

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