On not doing the Open, which really sucks

I like the Open. I like it a lot. I need that motivation that only competition provides to push myself to the edge.

But I’m not doing the Open this year. I am also not doing the Scaled division.

In 2013 I thought, “oh hell, why not?” and made it through 2 workouts that really fired me up. Then my shoulder made it apparent that I had to stop.

Got my shoulder surgically repaired and barely started working out (with any intensity) for the 2014 Open. Had a blast. Sure, the workouts sucked, but I hit a couple of them twice. Wound up meeting a bunch of new folks at the box as we formed a “Sunday Repeat” crew to hit the WODs and try and up our score. Totally surprised myself by getting in the top 25% of my age group – with very limited training prior to the Open. Also scored an award as our box’s Open MVP which was my first indication that people actually notice me during workouts. Always figured I was the anonymous old guy flailing over in the corner.

2015… I was so looking forward to going hard, really hard. I didn’t think I could get to the top-200 in my age group, but I wanted to see if I could. Hip surgery blew that dream out of the water.

Now I’m seeing the HQ videos, the judges course, folks sharing that they have registered.

But I won’t be doing it this year. Pushing yourself, “just one more rep” is totally awesome, but only if you are doing legit movements. I would get really sloppy really quickly. I would absolutely injure my partially healed hip. I would screw myself up. Honestly, I would screw myself up somehow.

Talking to myself here. It’s better to heal properly than do something that could seriously screw up my recovery. If I were to say “why the heck not” and register (Rx or Scaled) I will be drawn to go hard. Best not to register and resist temptation.

I’ll keep repeating that for a few months. But I’m totally setting my sights on 2016.

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