Team Angie – bit of spark

In team of 2 do 100 then 50 then 25 reps of pull-ups, push ups, sit ups, and air squats.

If team finishes under 23:00 then buy-out of 100cal air assault bike


Teamed with Alessio. My butterflies were so much faster, and easier, than his kip. Push ups were a grind. Sit-ups are, well, sit-ups …

I forgot the air squats in rnd 1, but Alessio reminded me.

We were chasing a team of younger guys. Always a bit of spark.

The squats were tough for me. Duh. Hip is coming along albeit slowly and painfully.

Got done at 18’ish? Maybe?

So we got to do the bonus work. Started at 10cal each but switched to 5 cal each. Air Assault bikes suck!

Good WOD. Tore me up.

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