Paleo diet …. has NOTHING to do with cavemen

As marketing guy I tip my hat to whomever came up with the name “paleo” to describe the most recent diet fad. Granted, it’s not trademarked, but it is recognizable. Even my 80 year old mother, who doesn’t have a computer let alone Internet access of any kind, knows what “paleo” is.

Here’s the funny part. I haven’t seen a single study, peer reviewed or other, that traces the elements of the paleo diet back to what any caveman actually ate. Sure, there are anecdotal stories about mastodon meat and running for hours to kill game, but a study? Let alone historical documentation? Nothing… bupkisss.

Here’s why “paleo” as a name freakin’ rocks. Because calling it the “eat good food” diet would be boring as hell.

So, if you eat good proteins, avoid crappy additive laden junk, stay away from grains that bloat the hell out of you and get PLENTY of carbs from vegetables… are you a caveman?


But are you healthier? Probably…. After all, what could possibly be the argument against eating a top quality grassfed burger covered in fresh avocado versus a Big Mac where the beef was processed God knows where, the salt content is through the roof, and the “special sauce” can only be made with the miracle of modern chemistry?

Notice how I snuck that one little bit in there? Yep, I said it, “plenty of carbs.” On paleo, or primal, you get plenty of carbohydrates. You don’t get them from bread (which 99% of the United States runs on), but you do get a lot of carbs. Maybe that’s where the confusion comes in.

When people say “don’t eat grains, bread products, etc.” a lot of people think, “Oh, bread is a carb therefore eliminating bread means eliminating carbs.” No. That’s not the way it works. Carbs are NOT bad for you.  A sweet potato or a nice salad – yummy, yummy carbs.

A loaf of bread (though delicious if made properly) – hollow carbs.

That’s all I’m saying. Paleo is about eating good food. Thats it. That’s all. It’s not “low carb” or “what the cavemen ate” – it’s just about eating good food.

Eat clean. You will appreciate yourself for it.

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