Pull-ups. Pull-ups. More Pull-ups.

Really wanted to hit the 5:30pm WOD last night. It’s the most competitive for my [ahem] age-group, but had a chance to walk through a pricing analysis that I’m working on. Do you love Excel? I love Excel. Other people don’t love Excel that much though. They think it’s OK to put things like prices in calculations. Yes, you can put $200 directly into the equation in 52 different locations, but what happens when you need to determine the effects of changing the price to $195?

But I digress.

Hit the 6:30pm WOD. Hit it early and had time to roll-out beforehand which I really needed. Which I ALWAYS need.

row 1,000m
then 5 rounds
25 pull-ups
7 push jerks (Rx 135/95)

Yes Virginia, that’s 125 pull-ups. After doing 90-something pull-ups on Saturday I was wondering about my sanity.

Went 95# on the push jerks. Shoulder still hurts, overall still weak, and I need to be a good boy about my hip drive. I wasn’t thinking of the obvious – that 7 reps is NOTHING relative to 25 pull-ups.

Got on a rower. It was broken. Had to wait for the first wave to finish. Started my row at 5:00 because I can’t do math mid-WOD. Got off the rower in 3:40 or so. 1:50/500. Meh, but not surprising.

Did first 3 rounds of pull-ups in sets of 10-10-5. The jerks were so fast it was silly. In the first round I accidentally did 9 reps because I forgot to quit.

Had to take a lot of breaks on the pull-ups. My engine is coming along, but it’s still weak. I’m running on Yugo power when I need to get up to Cummins Turbo Diesel power.

Yeah, I just threw in a Yugo reference.

Last rounds of pull-ups were sets of 4 and 5, and they sucked. Really sucked.

Let me say one thing though. Butterfly pull-ups are easier than kipping. Butterflies use a lot more lower body, but less upper body. Consistent kipping requires so much force through the hands when you get that huge pull. Butterflies are more fluid and much less intense. I need better core strength to be consistent, but I’m sticking with butterfly.

Got it done. 21:03 or thereabouts. More aerobic capacity and more pull-up capacity would cut a lot of time off of that result.

On a fun note. On Saturday I ripped my left palm. With this beauty I ripped my right palm – twice, and I tore my left middle finger. My skin is weak.

So, how many pull-ups are you doing today?

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