Being kept in check – WOD

Yesterday would have been a lot of fun, but…..

WOD: 3 Rounds
with a running clock
run 800m
AMRAP Kettlebell swings (2 pood) until 6 minutes are up
rest 1 min

Why was it not fun? Because some people at the box know I am not supposed to run (yet). During warmup we did “death by 10m run,” and I was freakin’ called out. “Coach, don’t let Ron run. He has to row.” It’s kind of cool that people are that aware, but damn! I love to run.

New coach, so we did the “say your name and say an interesting fact about yourself.” Many folks chose “I HATE to run” as their interesting tidbit. Mine was “I LOVE to run, but I can’t during this WOD.” So I probably brought it on myself.

Rx was 32kg, but that would be too heavy these days. I went with 28kg. Turns out that was a bad idea. I forgot that rowing uses a lot of lower back. So I would light up my lower back rowing 1,000 and then do heavy kettle bells. Not fun.

Was rather pedestrian at 2:00/500m just to keep the effort steady. By my 3rd 1,000m I was toasted. Back was seizing up, so I pulled at 2:30/500m which was a struggle.

Really looking forward to when I am allowed to run again. Wheelhouse WODs don’t come along that often.

Who’s with me (and loves to run)?

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