I am not a guru.

Couple of thoughts to answer a few questions that have come this way.

Are you a coach?
Are you a trainer?
Are you trying to get traffic on your blog to sell something?

Nope. I’m none of that. I’m a man who uses this space to stay motivated. That’s really it.

I read an article the other day about “Writing Your Way to Happiness.” Maybe I’m jaded, but I’ve always found that the BEST articles and books start with a premise that I already happen to agree with. You know – if you agree with me then you are probably pretty smart. And, by “me,” I mean the royal “me.” This article quoted some studies that showed a simple concept. People feel better when they write their personal narrative. For some folks it’s a gratitude journal – i.e. write what we are grateful for, and that helps us remember that there are good things going on. It’s way too easy to forget the good and focus on the negative.

I’m not looking to start a fitness movement or invent a fitness sub-genre that caters to mFitness Guru Jack LaLanne Portrait Sessioniddle-aged guys who have careers and families and still do what it takes to make time to workout.  I am looking to document my path. Jack LaLanne started a fitness revolution, and he kept with it. Clearly it was core to who he was. Me? I’m just addicted to exercise.

It’s a bit of a personal accountability program. If I write about my workouts then I am committed to….show up and do the workout. When I was a triathlete I was much more likely to do a workout when I had committed to a friend that I would be there. Same thing here in an e-friend sort of way.

I’m not a coach. I have no certifications. I have no plans to get my L1.

What I hope is that my journey has some relevance to other people. Maybe you get a spark from one of my workouts. Maybe I get a spark from one of my rants. Maybe I just feel better typing out my personal narrative (see above).

That’s a lot of “maybe’s,” but it’s also where I’m coming from.

To answer that last question? Heck – I don’t even have advertising on my stuff. That would be a really poor job of selling without any form of store or ads….

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