No wall balls please. We just painted. #crossfit

Is it a WOD when it changes throughout the day?

Posted WOD was 8×4 shoulder press @70% (which we did), and 17min AMRAP:
4 Power Cleans (135)
8 Strict Ring Dips
16 Wallballs

BUUUUUUTTTTTT, our box is hosting an HQ sponsored throw down between HGST, Google, and Twitter on Saturday. HQ will be filming, other media will be present, and now I understand why the walls were recently painted. Which also means the other 3 locations were doing wall balls in the WOD, and we were not.

I think we did: 4 push press (115) or you could do cleans, 8 strict ring dips, 16 med ball thrusters.

On the strength bit – my shoulders are weak, weak, weak. So are my legs, but we weren’t squatting. My max strict is only 150 which meant I was supposed to be working at 105#. My shoulders were tight as hell though. warmup at 95 was like pushing through concrete. Of course I started my sets at 105 because my partner did. As stiff as I felt I also felt surprisingly strong. It just wasn’t heavy.

Around the 3rd set we bumped up to 115, then 120. For the 8th, and final, set we hit 125. He hit 125 for 4. I was only able to do 3 reps. That said it was still a WIN!!! Felt much better than I thought it would.

WOD – 4 push press at 115 is pretty doable in the first round. By the 3rd round it was not so “doable.” That was some work.

Got it done. The walls are still pretty for the event this weekend, and I’m off to beautiful Richmond, CA to judge at NorCal Masters comp this Saturday and Sunday. Really hope to get some stoke and learn a few things.

Have a great weekend folks.

Yes, I’ll be writing up my experiences as a judge. I write about everything else don’t I?

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