Can sexual assault be stopped? No. No it can't be stopped

Wife gets Stanford’s alumni magazine. She’s an alum, M. Ed. (because she was OK with attending a Junior University…. you can guess where I went).

Cover story this month asks if sexual assault can be “stopped.”

As much as I abhor any sexual assault crime I wonder if we are asking the right question. No offense intended, but in any population group there will always be people who, quite frankly, suck. They seek to intimidate, attack, use, destroy other people. As long as there are people there will be crime’s against people.

I’d like to see sexual assault be eradicated completely, but I don’t believe in humanity’s goodness enough to think that’s reasonable. I do, however, think it’s possible that there are other goals that, while somewhat lofty, could be reasonable. How about, “Can all sexual assaults be reported?” Hey, solid stats about how many assaults take place along with solid stats about where and when? That would be some great stuff to know. Sure “all” is too much, but “reported” beats “stopped” in terms of achievable goals? Doesn’t it?

Or maybe it’s “Can we create a society where women feel safe?” That would be a great start. Sure, women feel safe in some locations, but imagine if women felt safe just about anywhere. Wow, wouldn’t that be incredible? I’m a pretty unassuming, grey haired dude, but when it’s late at night and I’m behind a woman on a sidewalk I can see when they reach for the comfort of their pepper spray. Just in case. I get it. They don’t know who the heck I am. Usually I will fall back quite a distance or say, “Excuse me” and walk faster, but the important bit is that dark and alone = unsafe. Imagine if that changed for the better.

Sure, headlines drive interest. I just think that a goal of eradicating a crime that has existed since… well, since humanity, is …. just not realistic.

I have two daughters. I’d love for them to grow up in a peaceful, safe world. I don’t think that will happen, but I do think that shaming people who are attack.

Deviating from my normal CrossFit stuff and ranting a bit because I believe that things can be better. Things need to be better. My $0.02 – the best way to get better is to set achievable goals and then exceed them.

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