Finding time. Making time. Doing time…. #crossfit #workout

Last Fall I took a job that I knew would require major time commitment. It’s not just the hours in the office (arrive by 6:30am – depart 11-12+ hours later). It is also the travel. More importantly, it’s that the mental process never stops. On my drive home I’m thinking about strategy, about the next three meetings, about pushing the salesforce to get shit done.

My wife and I talked long and hard about what it will really take to be successful. We have been here before. Startups are factories of insanity. They are also fun, unfettered, and allow for a level of freedom that is both scary and inspiring. The first few months were normal insanity, but in the last few weeks the dial got cranked to 11. Add in a major crisis on the home front and it’s been a rocket blast of crazy.

I am not exactly the most stable of people. My nature is to go way off the deep end and embroil myself in stress. One of the things that has always helped center my soul is exercise. 3 hour runs that drained my psyche of all negative emotions were critical to my well being. Getting into that pain cave where the only possible thoughts were those that related to keeping my body moving forward was cathartic and necessary.

I simply do not have time to set aside 2-4 hours per day. That’s where CrossFit has helped. Even an 8-minute metcon is enough to focus my brain. It’s a precious timeframe when I can set aside all other thoughts and focus only on a straightforward task – pick up a loaded bar or knock out 1 more pull-up. There is no multi-tasking in CrossFit. I won’t get interrupted to look at someone else’s pricing analysis. Either the bar is overhead and locked out or it’s not.

My workout log for the last week is blank. My caffeine intake over the last few weeks borders on extremely unhealthy. My diet has fallen to a new low.

It’s funny how little time it takes to allow the wheels to fall off. Clearly I need to figure out a solution. If my evening workouts maybe won’t be happening I need to shift my morning back by 1/2 an hour and get to the box early.

My life depends on it.

No, that is not an exaggeration.

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