#CrossFit myth 55: Doesn’t lifting heavy weights ruin your flexibility?

Almost everyone thinks about the bodybuilder who is so musclebound he can’t lift his arms to shampoo his own hair, but that’s a myth fosquat mobilityr several reasons. Reason #1 – CrossFit is not bodybuilding.

Flexibility (i.e. mobility) is probably the foundation of olympic lifting. Trust me, I have huge flexibility problems, and they severely impact my ability to progress. Every bit of flexibility that I gain has resulted in more strength and greatly improved lifting.

Getting into a deep squat is not done because the weight is pushing you down. You can only get into a deep squat if your hips, knees, and ankles are flexible.

Sure there are a couple of people who can muscle-power big weights, but the other 100% of us need technique and flexibility. Getting into good squat position is all about hip and leg mobility.

If one is doing single function exercises, just bench press, curls, etc. then maybe there will be some flexibility challenges, but functional movements mandate increased flexibility.

Your range of motion will increase with Crossfit.

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