Hero WOD: Michael

This one took a while….

Still trying to figure out how best to work my new job structure. Getting in to the office early helps a LOT, but it’s not like I leave the office any earlier when I show up at 6am. That screws up evening workouts. For some (mental) reason, it’s easier to get to the office at 6:00am or 6:30am than it is to get to a WOD at the same time. Forced myself to hit a 7am workout today. Even though it’s President’s Day we are working.

WOD was Micheal.  3 Rounds:Michael

800m run
50 Hip Extensions
50 Situps

Takes a LOT longer than it looks. Then again, any WOD with 3x800m runs always looks like it’s going to be pretty quick for me.

Coach wanted me to beat “Molly” on the first run. Turns out Molly hauls ass. Since I’m not supposed to be running yet, let alone running hard, I went at about 80%. Molly was right there and passed me in the last 50. She is young and fit as hell.

My lack of fitness showed up hard. Just kept moving forward. Was the first person heading out into the 2nd run, but once I got caught at 400m I was solidly in 3rd. The only way to gain back lost fitness is to… do the work.

Finished in 25:05 with an unbroken set of 50 sit-ups to close it out. Made sure to do legit range-of-motion on my hip extensions and sit-ups.

Happy Monday folks. Hope you have an amazing week!

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