CrossFit Open Scoring – Demystified…. or maybe presented in a completely confusing manner.

Lot of discussion about ” how is the CrossFit Open scored ” and how the rankings are done. Here’s an attempt to explain.

First off – don’t put any serious thought into your scores and ranking until Tuesday or Wednesday. Scores are due by 5pm Pacific time, and then the affiliate has time to validate. Thus many scores “appear” Tuesday throughout the day. Until all of the scores are in things will be tremendously in flux. Look at the Leaderboard all you want, but be prepared to find that things change often until scores are finalized.

There are two terms that are applicable: Score and Place.

“Score” is an absolute number. It’s how many reps you got on 15.1 or the max weight you Clean and Jerked on 15.1A. Your Score does not change.

“Place” is a relative number, and it can change. If you did the most reps on 15.1 then you are in 1st “place.” If you did the 2nd most reps on 15.1 then you are in 2nd “place.” Your Place changes frequently until all of the Scores have been posted.

Looking only at 15.1, let’s say you are a 45-49 year old male and got a score of 115 reps 15.1. At the time of this writing that would put you in in 669th place for the ageScreen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.55.05 PM group. Anyone else who scored 115 reps would also be in 669th place.

If you scored 114 reps, one less than 115, would you be one back in 670th place? No. You would be in 715th place. Because 46 other people also scored 115 reps. Because 46 people tied at 115 reps that means that 46 people were in 669th place.

669 + 46 = 715, so that one rep cost you 46 points in 15.1.

Oh yeah. Points.

Points are equal to your place in the WOD. If you finish in 1st place you get 1 point.

If you did 115 reps and finished in 669th place you get 669 Points.

So if you did 114 reps (just one less than your buddy) you are in 715th Place. This is where the big point spreads come in. It’s really easy to see situations where 200 people have the same score, so a person with one less rep will see a 200 point differential for the WOD.

If you look at the leaderboard and sort by “Open Week 1” you will see a Score and a Place in the “Workout 01” column. It will read “669 (115)” which means you are in 669th place, and your score was 115.

OK, that was for an individual WOD.

How is the score calculated for Overall place?

For this we use your Points (or per WOD Place).

For 15.1 you scored 115 reps, and your Place was 669. So you have 669 points. Then we look at your Place for 15.1A. The current leader in 15.1A lifted 295#’s in 15.1A. His “score” is 295, and his Place is 1. We combine his points for 15.1, 669 points, with his points for 15.1A, 1 point.

669 + 1 = 670. His “Overall” points were 670.

Take that 670 and compare it to everyone else’s Overall points put him in 259th Place Overall. Look on the far left column of the Leaderboard, and you would see that numbers like “259 (670)” – where 259 is his overall place, and 670 is his running total of points.

So, for each specific WOD, your Score determines your Place, and your Place determines your Points.

It may seem odd that a person will do less reps than you in a WOD and then lift only a little bit heavier and be many places ahead of you overall. That’s because the Points and Placing can swing greatly depending on where you Place.

In the end it’s all about adding your Place for each WOD. If a bunch of people have tie scores, there can be huge gaps in your points and big swings in the Leaderboard.

Wondering how you might place in the Open? Here’s how the 2014 Master’s Qualifier played out.


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9 thoughts on “CrossFit Open Scoring – Demystified…. or maybe presented in a completely confusing manner.

  1. Adrian Immarrata

    so for team when you take top 3 men and top 3 women for 15.1 and 15.1A that givens you 6 possible scores from different people for 15.1 and another 6 possible scores for 15.1A. so 12 possible people’s scores could count. That is where all the debate is, teams can manipulate the outcome my maximising the score when you add the 12 scores together. Particular when the big names have now switched to team, its easy to see why this is such an issue.

  2. Kathleen Walters

    How does your weight calculate in to final placement in 15.1 & 15.1A

  3. Getting to Rx

    Your personal bodyweight only applies to 15.1A. It does not have any bearing on 15.1 (the AMRAP).

    However, your bodyweight only applies when you are tied with another person. I weigh 193# and hit 180# on the C&J (having the ability to squat would help…). If someone else also hit 180#, but their bodyweight is only 165#’s, i.e. less than me, then they will be ranked higher for 15.1A. So bodyweight is only used for people who lift the same weight in 15.1A.

    Does that help?

  4. Anonymous

    why doesn’t every guy who lifted 175lbs for 15.1A have the same score in the 15.1A column? Scores range from 31 to 43. Please explain.

  5. Getting to Rx

    For 15.1A there is a tie-breaker based on bodyweight. If people tied on their lift (175# as you mentioned) then the lighter person gets ranked higher. If you did not enter your bodyweight (it as listed as “optional”) then you get the lowest placement in the tie. It’s only for people who lift the same weight though.

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you for the clarification. Is it to late to add a persons bodyweight?

  7. Getting to Rx

    Good question. It’s too late to add a score for the WOD. You can always go into your Games account and update your weight in your profile, but will entering your weight now make the database go back and change your 15.1A score because of the tie-break? I doubt it, but it would be interesting to do so and see what happens.

    When I submitted my score I entered my current bodyweight which was slightly different than what I had entered last year when updating my profile. I did notice that the bodyweight I entered for 15.1A became my new profile weight, so they are linked. Can you let me know what happens if you go to your profile and enter your body weight? Be interesting to see if your ranking on 15.1A changes as a result.

  8. charlene barnes

    So 17.1 came out and I did not think I could do 150 35# snatches so I scaled and finished but afterwards I though well idk maybe I can rx so I redid my 17.1 rxed. Since I did both which one do I enter for the open?

  9. Getting to Rx

    Sorry – just saw this… bit late, but enter Rx for highest ranking


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