CrossFit Open Scoring Part 3 – Do Scaled WODs affect the Masters Qualifier?

Update, March 19th: Athletes in all Masters categories who choose to perform the scaled version of Workout 15.4, or previously chose to scale Workout 15.3, will still be eligible to advance to the Masters Qualifier. They will be ranked below all athletes who performed the Rx’d versions, but will not be ineligible for the next stage of competition.

Short answer – Scaled WODs do not affect the Masters Qualifier because you have to Rx all WODs and finish in the Top 200 Worldwide of your age group in order to advance.

But here’s the longer answer that I wrote up before that confirmation was available.

In Part 1 we covered how the Open is scored.

In Part 2 we covered how scores from Scaled WODs are calculated for the Overall Leaderboard.

For this edition, Part 3, let’s look at how (if) Scaled WODs affects the Master’s Qualifier (MQ).

The rules on are pretty clear on the Master’s Qualifier. The top 200 finisher’s in each age group will be invited to perform 4 additional WODs starting on April 23rd for the purpose of determining the Top 20 who go to the Games.

So that gives us 2 phases that are really important to people. Getting into the Masters Qualifier and then getting from there to the Games. Let’s face it, only about the Top 40 in each Age Group have a shot at getting to the Games. That said, I, and man other people, would be hellaciously stoked just to make it to the Top 200. Most folks would love to make into the Masters Qualifier and get to those additional 4 WODs. Seeing as how I’m sitting just south of 2,000th place, it’s not really an issue for me…. this year (gotta have goals).

But enough about me. Each athlete in the Masters Qualifier will have 5 scores for Games selection. They have a score based on their finishing position in the Open and  a score for each MQ WOD.

So where is the confusion?

What happens if a Masters athlete does 1 or more Scaled WODs in the Open and still finishes in the Top 200 of their age group?

The rulebook is very clear on this:

Section 9.d.: Athletes who select a scaled workout in the Open will not be eligible for advancement to the next stage of the competition as Individual competitors.”

But what if an athlete places very high in their Masters age-group and Scales only one WOD? For example, what if an athlete ranks 35th Overall, and their only Scale was due to the muscle ups in 15.3 but they kicked ass in the other WODs?

More importantly, is this a useless hypothetical question that math nerds like to argue but doesn’t really impact a single person?Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.22.37 AM

Good news and bad news.

It’s a real question that does impact some people. If you are Male it is unlikely to affect you. If you are Male and aged 40-44 it definitely does NOT affect you. There are already 1,400 people who have Rx’d every WOD and will likely Rx the next 2 WODs.

If you are Female and looking at a slot in the Top 200 then it probably does affect you.

I scanned through the Leaderboard (Overall) to find out where the first person with a Scaled WOD score appears in the Overall rankings. This chart shows their Overall position (all WODs not just 15.3). In Women 45-49, a person with a Scaled WOD (15.3) is in 35th place Overall.

Note: This is as of Tuesday afternoon. There is still time for Affiliates to validate more scores. Though this 35th place will change it is not likely to fall below 200th place.

What does this mean for the Masters Qualifier?

Will people with Scaled scores be allowed to advance?

I don’t know.


Update: from HQIn order to advance to the Masters Qualifier you must submit a valid Rx score for all of the Open workouts and place in the top 200 overall of your division. Submitting a Scaled score or not submitting a score at all will disqualify you from the Masters Qualifier. Let me know if you have any further questions and good luck!”


I know that the rules are very clear. The answer is they “will not be eligible for advancement.” That said, there are 2 weeks left in the Open. That is 2 opportunities for The Dave Castro to throw some shakeups into the CrossFit World. Maybe there will be another special WOD that requires a critical movement like muscle-ups that puts more people into the Scaled WOD and knocks them out of the Top 200.

A person in the CF Masters FaceBook group emailed HQ and asked about what will happen if someone has a Scaled WOD and finishes in the Top 200 of their Masters Age Group – HQ replied to her email with  “we will evaluate after the Open.”

If you are currently in 201st place and have done all WODs Rx that may mean you have hope that HQ will remove anyone who Scaled and advance the Top 200 who Rx’d.

If you are currently in the Top 200 and you did a Scaled WOD that may mean you have hope that HQ will keep you in the mix. But I wouldn’t count on it especially given that Sam Briggs didn’t even make it to the Games last year.

However, it is their competition, and they have the right to adapt the rules if they find it necessary to do so. That’s not a complaint. I think HQ does a great job. It’s just a statement.

As always – on the one hand it sucks to get old. On the other hand, at least us silverbacks have Age Groups to compare ourselves to. If you are 32 years old you get to compare your scores to….some dude named Rich Froning…. Good luck with that.

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3 thoughts on “CrossFit Open Scoring Part 3 – Do Scaled WODs affect the Masters Qualifier?

  1. Diane

    I was disappointed that the MU came at the beginning of the workout and required to do the scaled WOD. I did try my damnedest to get the MU. And yes I heard Dave Castro say during the last year that the MU is a move “Games Athletes” have to have. It is his creation and
    My one statement about the MU for the Master’s is CrossFit has not been around long enough for many masters to hone their skills on the Olympic lifts and increase their weights and learn the gymnastics moves.
    I certainly hope that HQ rethinks the all Rx in the MQ and takes the top 200.


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