Does the CrossFit Open even matter?

Number crunch time…

For Masters athletes there is  a bit of back-and-forth about the Masters Qualifier. Specifically, some people have commented that they feel it’s not fair to include an athlete’s Open score in the calculation for who goes to the Games.

Here is a quick primer or those who are not familiar with how the Masters divisions (40 years old and above) work.

We all do the Open. Then the top 200 Masters Athletes in each age group worldwide are invited to participate in 4 additional WODs. 5 scores are then tallied. The place you finished in the Open is 1 score, and the 4 additional Masters Qualifier WODs provide the 4 other scores. From there, the Top 20 in each age group, worldwide, are invited to the Games.

I keep saying, “Worldwide” because it’s common to think it’s based on your regional standing. That would be cool, but Regional standing only matters for individual athletes and teams.

Is it fair to count your Open finish in the Masters Qualifier?

Quite frankly, I don’t know, but I can take a look and see if it has any impact. For the most part, whoever places in the Top 10 in their Age Group is and amazing athlete who is very likely to remain in the Top 20. I think that’s obvious, but what about other folks.

Just how many people would have qualified for the Games if only the scores from the Masters Qualifier WODs were counted?

Answer: Not very many.

I get it. If you are the person who was affected then n=1, and it sucks. That said, let’s look at the numbers overall.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 1.09.44 PM


Roughly speaking, about 1 person per age group would have made it to the Games had the Open scores been thrown out.

That is 0.8% of Masters Qualifier participants. Those 1 person per age group? Yep, they sat roughly between 25th and 33rd place, so they were close to the bubble anyway.

Keeping the Open score really doesn’t matter.


Methodology – I used a simple screen scrape and Excel. In the bigger Age Groups, I only grabbed the first 2 screens (1st place through 120th place). Sure, I could have grabbed everyone, but this was manual. Not to mention, it doesn’t change the results. In a few of the age groups less than 120 people completed the MQ WODs, so I only grabbed the people who completed all 4 WODs

I recalculated each person’s point total with only the 4 MQ WODs, sorted, and compared the new sort to the original sort.

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