Month: June 2015

Pre-hip surgery back squat PR is 265#’s. Post hip surgery FRONT squat PR….

well, they match.


This means more to me than any other PR I’ve ever set. It’s been a long two years of surgery recovery followed by surgery recovery. Thought I could do OK today, but I really didn’t expect to PR my front squat by 40#’s let alone tie my back squat PR.

Just finished Smolov Jr. – used 200 as the max instead of 225 because I really didn’t know where I was at. Guess it worked…

C’mon 300# !!!!!

Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me. Please don’t look at me….

Dropped into the gym today to finish off my last day of Smolov Jr. front squat cycle. yeah me!!! My plan is to test 1RM on Monday to see what my post surgery PR really is.

Box was way crowded. One of the other locations had a Level 1 going on, so a bunch of folks headed our way. Not only was the class huge, but all of the squat racks were full. No worries. Something would open up as I did my warmup. One rack was open – the next to last rack. I’ll take it.

Started my squats. Noticed that the woman next to me was a regional athlete (Colleen Fotsch ?) moving some serious weight. great…..

Got through a couple of sets feeling pretty good. Then everyone finished their sets and disappeared. Nice. Quiet time in the oly area. Nope…. Of course the Team had to show up. Now it’s just me surrounded by Team NorCal. Seriously? I’m pushing 195, and they are warming up with 225… Just don’t look my way OK?

I know, we all work at our capacity. Not to mention, my capacity is severely limited, but c’mon! I don’t want to look that bad in comparison. Couple more sets. Nothing. It’s almost like they have their own stuff to do, and are less insecure than I am.

Then a tap on the shoulder. “Hey man. You look good at the bottom, but you need a much wider grip. You’re kind of compacting in on yourself. Set your hands wider on the bar.”

“ummmmm, thanks Jason.”

I appreciate the advice. Really I do, but I also like to be the mouse in the corner who is not noticed and especially not noticed for doing the wrong thing.

Point taken. I widened my hands, felt a lot better, and finished off my last couple of sets.

Mom’s 80th birthday dinner tonight. After driving 4 hours and squatting this morning I’m taking a rest day tomorrow.

Here’s what matters. I finished a squat cycle. Now it’s time to see what the hell I can lift.

Oh yeah, it also matters that my mother turned 80… That’s amazing. My father barely made it past 50.

Good, hard, CrossFit

Simple WOD today

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.30.58 PM

KB swings, box jumps, and pushups. Low reps but FAST.

After a bunch of front squatting it felt freakin’ awesome to suck it up and just GO!

Goal was 6 rounds per 3 minutes. I have no idea what I did. It was less than 6 rounds for sure, but there were no breaks. Just constant movement. Rx was 2 pood, but I went 28KG instead. It was a good choice.

Best? Dude next to me, 20 years younger who couldn’t hang.

OK, I have no idea if he was trying to hang, but I was trying to go faster than him, and I did. He was using 24 Kg kettlebell, was slower on the box jumps, AND was not legit on the pushups. Did I say 20 years younger?

Oh hell yeah!

And the WOD I chose today was….

none of the above.

Jackie, Fran, Helen….. all of the girls were available. However, last week I didn’t squat on Monday which meant I had to squat Tue/Wed/Thur/Friday, and that hurt. Way too much back to back squatting on consecutive days, and I was not about to do that again this week.

With very little time today and having overslept and missed the 6am slot I bolted out during lunch for 6×6 front squats @ 82%. It was quick. it wasn’t easy. I was done.

Talked with a woman from England who was dropping in and squatting much more than I was. That would have hurt my pride, but she wants to move to California (doesn’t everyone?) and I…..already live here.

I win.

Still need to get stronger. Much stronger.

Decisions….. Decisions…… which pain makes you happiest?

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 7.54.59 AM

It was a workout just not in the Box

Kayak time.

Dear friend who is fighting cancer asked if we wanted to join them kayaking Elkhorn Slough (near Monterey, CA). Of course we said yes.kayak fathers day

Got there at 11am. Fogged in and cold as always. I had my oldest (10yo) with me, and I rented a closed deck tandem kayak. Other friends were also in a closed double. Another couple was gracious enough to split up for the day. He went in a single kayak, and she took an open deck double paring up with my youngest daughter (9yo). Open decks are more stable and self-bailing, but they are slower, don’t have rudders and are higher and more susceptible to wind.

Speaking of wind, it was blowing steadily – due East. The Slough is pretty much East-West, so you either have the wind at your back or in your face. Tide was also coming in. We paddled going in, but we also rafted up a couple of times, and let the wind and current push us in.

We went in about 4 miles or so. Then we explored some channels. On the way back the wind had really picked up. I’ve paddled the Slough and easy 75 times. We used to race it and then go run for a couple of hours almost every weekend. Usually we were in low, fast, fiberglass, single boats. Being in a plastic tandem that rides higher makes things tougher. Being in a tandem with a 10 year old who doesn’t paddle much…. well that’s called being a father.

My friend and my 9yo were really struggling, so I did the usual – tied them to the back of my boat and towed them in.

Towing another boat into the wind for 4 miles kinda sucks. It’s also a really good ab workout. Paddling is done from your core not your shoulders. Trust me, I took a class on it.

I took very few breaks because the wind would start blowing us backwards whenever I stopped paddling, and everybody hates losing ground. It took a couple of hours, but we made it back. My wife asked me later, “how is you do that? How can you pull another boat when it’s tough to make progress with your own and you don’t stop?”

I just know that it needs to be done, so I keep paddling. It hurts, but that’s what it takes.

Turns out I don’t know…how to kip (properly)

WOD was one of those nasty, deceptive sufferfests:

1 power clean (135#)
2 bar muscle up
2 power clean
4 bar muscle up
+1 power clean
*2 bar muscle up

AMRAP 15 minutes.

I can pop the occasional bar muscle up but not regularly, so no way to do this Rx. I started with jumping bar muscle ups and transitioned to ring dips at about round 7.

Clearly the warmup and technique would be about the bar muscle ups. Coach worked our kip technique. Just fucking kip you say? Well, that’s what I said. I started kipping on day 1 of CrossFit. It’s pretty easy, especially as a 6′2″ guy who learned long ago how to use leverage and momentum to get work done.

Did some shoulder initiated work, and coach said, “That’s probably why you have trouble with your kip.”

Excuse me???

I can butterfly dude. I do not have a problem with my kip.

OK, that was my brief internal dialog, but I also know when to listen. I am losing a lot of momentum due to bad technique. After a bit of work I was able to get my hips almost to the bar with a lot less effort. It also helped that I was teamed with another tall guy who was all over the place. I could see his errors even though I couldn’t see myself in action.

Turns out I’ve got a lot of work to do, but we knew that already….

WOD – did Rx weight because 135# is easy to muscle clean. Those muscle ups though. So much work. 15 minutes of AMRAP grind. I’ve been around the block a few times, so I knew not to blast through the early rounds.

Felt good. Watched my girls push the prowler in CrossFit Kids. Then hit a block party in our cul de sac.

Good Saturday.

So I want to GAIN weight

bit of rant… but you may have come to expect that from me.

So tired of the usual reply when I say, “I’m trying to gain weight.”

  • “Oh, I wish I had that problem.’
  • “Cry me a river. I gain weight just looking at food.”
  • “That’s insensitive to those of us who struggle to lose weight.”

No, it’s fucking NOT insensitive at all. I don’t judge you. I frankly don’t care what your goals are. Why not? Because they are YOUR goals not mine.

I have a goal to gain. That’s me. You do you. I’m skinny and weak and always have been. I hate it. Part of getting stronger is having more mass. That’s my goal. It’s got NOTHING to do with you. You asked why I track my calories, and I told you. If you don’t like the answer then don’t ask the question.

just pisses me off sometimes.

Sure, I get that other people have other problems, but I ain’t judging your goals. Keep your mouth shut about mine.