and today’s sermon was….

2 rounds, 90 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest
deadlifts (Rx 185#, we did 225#)
kettlebell swings (Rx was 2 pood, I did 28kg)
burpee box jumps (24″)

Teamed up with a fellow silverback. He’s from HGST which is the company that NorCal has 10-15 boxes at. He has a company comp (how totally cool is that????) coming up where he needs to pull 255# deads, so he was up for going heavier than Rx.

Oh yeah. Like I was going to argue with that…..

During warmup we BS’d a bit,. Old guys, similar backgrounds. Part of warmup was front squats. “You have WAY too much mobility for your age. How in the hell?” – Oh…. music to my ears. Tell me more…. 😉

So we hit the WOD. 5 reps each then trade. He used a 21kg kettelbell. On the burpee box jumps we went rep for rep.

The WOD got hard really quick. So much fun though. 225# was a good weight for deads. 185# would have been a bit light.

After the WOD we did a Tabata of calories on the Air Assault bike. I went out too hard and paid for it. That hurt! Got 57 total calories.

Nice day. Now off to the farmers’ market for some fresh fruit and veggies…. DELISH!!!!!

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