Month: October 2015

One rep at a time…

Sunday Partner WOD:

100 cal row
100 T2B – partner holds dumbbell overhead
80 cal ski erg
100 plank pushups – partner holds squat
60 cal assault bike
100 box jumps – partner holds plank

Is it a plank when I keep one knee down? – cuz I was hurting by that round.

Just a fun, suck it up and roll, kind of WOD. Not that I’m feeling 100% of late, but these 30minute longer WODs are my jam. My painful, sweaty, ego-shattered, jam.

One complaint… or vent…. dudes who do box jumps rapid-fire without hitting full extension. No rep bro’.

Now I’m looking at a see of red and purple(?) shirts as the fans head into the Niners-Ravens game.

Some days you just walk away

On a positive note, a coworker started a call this afternoon saying, “what meeting is this, and why did I ask for us to have a meeting.” – in the where am I, did I even sleep last night, have I eaten anything other than M&M’s for the last 3 days – kind of way…. we are approaching escape velocity

On the one hand it makes me feel better that I’m not the only person feeling this level of insanity. On the other hand, well, see above….

Ended yesterday with a 9pm concall. Started today with a 6am concall. That meant I could only get into the box at noon. Today was:

10 minute EMOM
5 clean and jerk, supposedly touch-and-go (135#/95# Rx)

Rest 3-5 minutes

2 Rounds
750m row
50 wallballs

I went Rx on the Clean & Jerks. Plus we were cycling them fast, so you catch the clean in power and launch the jerk straight from there. We were supposed to catch the bar in our hip crease on the way down, but that’s not a skill I have. At round 3 I went to singles. Probably shouldn’t have gone Rx. Rested the 9th round.

for the row, I took it really easy. 1:50-1:55 pace. Then the wallballs. OK, the lack of wallballs. I had nothing. Literally nothing in the tank. [see above]. It’s time to be realistic. CrossFit is my release. It’s my “back to basics” sweatfest, personal health time. Sure, I’d love to be ramping up my effort, but eating once a day, working all hours of the day, it’s taking its toll.

After 25 wallballs I called it. Sure, if I was stronger mentally I would have kept going, but I’m not that mentally strong these days. It sucks, but I’d rather honestly assess where I’m at than berate myself for failing.

I walked away mid-WOD. I’m likely to do so again a few times. Quite frankly it really doesn’t bother me. I still did 50 clean and jerks (incl. build up sets). Better to be real and come back another day. I miss the pain cave, but I can’t afford the entry fee at the moment.

Then again, I did do a 1 ½ hour Hero WOD on Saturday…

what the hell am I even talking about?