Month: December 2015

Week 1 of RP Diet

Goal of going on a diet plan is pretty simple – eat. Eat regularly. Don’t skip meals, wind up in caloric debt, and then grab anything in site. I don’t see a need to either gain or lose weight.

5 solid days last week. Meal prep is obviously key. Repetitions of meals didn’t bother me at all. Having steady energy and not being hungry felt awesome.

Friday night bothered me…. Daughter’s birthday, Thursday screaming match with my boss at 9:30pm, majorly off-balance for the rest of the night and day. Walking down the the pizza joint and grabbing a beer with my wife while our daughters were in Friday evening dance class threw me off. No excuses, just stating the facts as I see them. Hope to learn and improve.

Weekends are a bit of a challenge. I’ve seen that most people complain about weekends because they tend to cheat on Saturdays. I find that the weekdays are solid because there is structure and weekends are a challenge because they are unstructured. Clearly I need to keep more structure on the weekends.

Week 1 results – weight stable, body fat% stable. Many lessons learned.


5am… is EARLY

Sucked it up and made it to the 5am WOD this morning.

Truth be told, my wife, who wakes up really early, got up, turned on the heater and really helped me get moving this morning. Thank you.

Hit the San Jose location. It’s weird that I felt out of place. It’s my normal Saturday WOD and CrossFit Kids location, but I’ve never been there during the week. Felt almost like a drop-in.

EMOM (on the 2 minute) 12 minutes
1 power snatch
1 hang power snatch
1 overhead squat

because we had a 2 minute gap the coach tossed in some burpees and air squats on the minute to keep us warm.

Result? Meh. But my body was moving.

EMOM 12 Minutes
1st minute, 10 OHS
2nd minute, 10 burpees over the bar
3rd minute, 12 toes-to-bar

Results? The body was moving…. OHS’s were light and less reps. Burpees over the bar were burpees over the bar – can they possibly be anything else? Toes-2-Bar were 2 rounds unbroken, 1 round knees to elbows and 1 round of flopping around like a dead fish.

I thought it was 3 rounds for that last EMOM, so when round 4 came I was not a happy camper. Sucked it up though. My last round of OHS were clearly NOT at depth. Pat Barber stopped beside me for 2 reps, didn’t say anything but looked closely at my depth before giving me  the stink eye. Some coaches don’t even need to use words.

Alright – time to finish eating and hit the Power Point.