16.2 part 3. single-single-double-single-single-double

My dubs are gone. Completely gone. Sure, I should have practiced them more often, but I’m usually good for 10 in a row. Nope. Not this time. Just no rhythm whatsoever.

A few of us grouped up to hit 16.2 again this morning. I tried my RPM rope. I tried my Rx rope. I tried a gym rope. Bah. Nothing. Got a lot of good advice from those around me, including a couple of coaches, but still couldn’t make it happen.

Counted for one of our coaches. He asked for me to judge, and I had to no rep him. Feet did not break the plane behind him during a couple of his T2B. Must…be….legit.

My turn. I hit my 25 T2B easily. Moved on to the dubs. Kept trying but kept failing too. Finally sucked it up and started doing single-single-double. Too late though as I only got to 38 reps. Too much wasted time.

That was frustrating as hell. I quickly decided that I was going to hit this thing again, and I was going to hit it today. I judged another athlete and set myself up again. No matter what I was going to get to those damn squat cleans.


Toes to Bar were less snappy than the first time. 25 down and back to the rope.

This time I went single-single-double from the start. So what if I had to do 100 extra singles to get 50 doubles. I was going to get 50 doubles. I took way to damn long, but I hit 50 doubles even with a few screw ups along the way. Only had 20 seconds left, so I raced to the bar and knocked out 3 quick reps.

I got to the damned bar.

Not going to lie. I’m equal parts relieved and pissed at myself. No plans on doing it again though.

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