Month: April 2016

No dude. You are the one who really freaked me out.

We all have our own version of reality. Most of us can comprehend that other people have their viewpoints, but it’s our version that matters.

I’m trying to focus on me, but when I hit the box I still look around at my “competition.” Whether they know they are my competition is irrelevant. They are there, and I am there. Therefore…. It’s my way of both motivating myself and succumbing to my ever present anxiety. Am I good enough? Do I belong?

The other day it was brought to my attention that others feel differently.

General pre-class discussion with a guy who’s been at the box for almost a year. I only know this because he told me. I’m not that aware. We started talking about what it felt like coming in the first time after on-ramp and actually hitting a class. I brought up that it can be intimidating, and he readily agreed.

me: “Oh yeah, watching xxx and yyy throwdown is intense. I don’t know how they can move that much weight that fast.”
him: “No dude. They didn’t freak me out. You are the one who really freaked me out.

What the fuck? Me? Why me?

Turns out during his first week of regular classes I was talking with a fellow silverback, and this guy overheard us talking about being old, almost out of the 45-49 age group and into the 50+ group, and our usual complaints about trying to hang with the young guys.

Then we hit the WOD. He remembered it was a moderate deadlift/running WOD. That just happens to be my wheelhouse, and I pretty much shredded him. I remember the WOD well. It’s one of my favorites. 21-18-15-12-9 225# deads with 400m run in between each set.

He told me his thought was, “if this dude is almost 50 and can kick my ass like that, what the fuck am I even doing here?”

It also motivated him to push harder.

I love these realizations. Not because it reminds me that I do have some skills. OK, partially that…. but more because it’s a good reminder that we all impact others, and our insecurities are just that – ours.

Enjoy the day. You are probably inspiring someone right now.

By the end of the CrossFit Open you are where you belong, mostly

ou’ve read the story. I quit 81.5% through 16.5 because pain was too intense. Wisely I did not go back and try, so I took a no-score. Yes, I was thinking seriously about going back on Sunday, taking a couple Oxycontin to dull the pain, and work my way through it but reason prevailed. Yes, I was seriously considering it, and yes it would have been a serious dose. Not logical but honest.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda is always tough to bear though.

So I looked at the math. I take solace in math. I was sitting in the Top-20% in my age group after 16.4. I was in the Top-19.7% to be precise. My question, the obvious question, is where would I have been if I’d just finished 16.5 when I was almost done. After several breaks mid-WOD to try and alleviate the pain, I stopped 5 reps into the round of 9 thrusters at 18 minutes.

There wasn’t that much left to do. Would it have taken me 2 minutes to finish? 4 minutes? 6 minutes?

If so, where would that have put me on the leaderboard? Luckily, the leaderboard can tell us exactly those answers.

Just take my points going into 16.5 which were 10,250 and from there figure out how many points one would get for finishing at the listed times: 20:00, 22:00, and 24:00. Sum it up and compare overall results to get an overall place.

Going into 16.5 I was at 80.3% overall (i.e. top-20%). Given any of the above scenarios I probably would have finished right about the same place. Maybe I would have been 1% higher. Maybe I would have been 1% lower. In the end, over the course of 4 weeks I was right where I should be and 16.5 wouldn’t have changed that much.

To look at the other side of the question I also asked – what would I have needed to do to finish solidly higher? What about Top 15%?

As you can see, that was easy to calculate as well, and it was eye opening. I would have needed a 14:46 in order to bump up into the Top-15%.

And that was NOT going to happen.

I’m not happy with a no-score on 16.5, but now I can rest a bit easier knowing how things may have turned out. I entered 16.5 in the place I had earned, and I would have left 16.5 right in the same band.