Month: June 2016

Rule #2 – drive to the gym and figure it out from there

after a long workday and dropping $1,700 on my car I really didn’t feel like working out. Wife took kids to the pool, so I got in my car (unwillingly), drove to the gym, parked, and went inside. What the hell. I was there, so why not do the workout.

Mobility Focus: Hips & Hams 

  • Roll Quads/Hams – 2 mins each leg
  • Couch Stretch – 2 mins each leg
  • Banded Hamstring Stretches – 2 min each leg
  • Scorpions – 10 total, 5 each leg

Clean EMOM 10min
1 Clean Below the Knee
*Start off at 50% and work up
*Deadlift the bar off the ground first
*Focus on smooth transition from below the knee to mid thigh

Halting Clean Deadlift 3-3-3 @ 70%
*pause 3 sec below knee, stand up

Gymnastic: Strict Pulling
5 Sets
3-5 Strict C2B Pull Ups
3-5 False Grip Ring Rows (feet elevated)
*Rest 1 min b/t movements

Power Clean #135
Ring Dip
*Goal sub 7

Buy Out 3 bar muscle ups. Not part of the programming, but I like to keep them in my plan. Strung them together. Left arm chicken wing still pronounced but getting a little better.

We are trying to do a couple of things – improve my false grip and get rid of my pause whenever the bar gets above my knee. Literally everything I do is a hang clean or a hang snatch because I always stop upward momentum.

Cleans were good. Definitely eliminated my above the knee pause this time. Halting clean deadlifts were tougher than expected. Strict C2B’s were tough as always. I can get the height, but poor ROM makes it tough to actually hit the bar with my chest when going strict. Was able to do so today for most reps.

Elizabeth – damn I was tired by this time. Hit 7:23 instead of sub-7:00. Ring dips? I’m sure that 1 out of the 45 was legit… 😉

Good day.

Just drive to the gym and figure it out from there.