Month: July 2016

Gwen, when “rest as needed” is meaningless

No lifting technique today. Wednesdays are supposed to be my no technique work day, but schedule was all screwed up. In all honesty, my quest to get significantly better is gated more on my ability to juggle life than my ability to lift more and go faster. Seriously, the lift more and go faster bit is the EASY part. Did I really just write that?

For time: 50 double unders every time I break, 30 second unweighted Chinese plank.
Not gonna lie. My only goal was 50 consecutive double unders. End of story. I was going to hit 50 today or bust. First attempt – stumbled at 3 reps. Oh hell no. Do over.

2nd attempt – broke at 30 reps, happened to be 30 seconds. Dropped into a regular plank because all benches were being sat on by our new Oly group. At 1:00 I started again. Didn’t give a damn that I only had 20 reps to go. Blew through that and got to 50. Broke at 53. New double under PR!

Was using my good rope which helped a lot.

Gwen, 15-12-9, clean and jerk, unbroken touch-and-go sets, regrip only when bar is NOT on the ground. Coach wanted me to increase load each round.

15 @ 115#. Felt good. Harder than I expected for the last 5 reps. Kept doing that pause at my knee though, so they were all basically hang cleans.

12 @ 125#.  Focussed on smooth bar path, so that was better. Did not focus on regripping each rep, so my grip was really toasty. Last 3 reps were not pretty.

9 @ – coach said 135# – went 145#. Got 7 reps. Had to split jerk at 4 reps.

yes, I took a quick break and finished off the last 2 reps. I’m not a quitter.

Bit of a short one today, but good stuff.

Drop-ins can be hit or miss

EA Crossfit in Sonoma (yeah, staying at a friend’s house in wine country for the weekend…)

Strict Press – was supposed to be work up to 80% then 5, 3, and a max set. I stayed a bit lower and focused on the movement.

Metcon: 6 rounds for time
15 wallballs
20 double unders
8 alternating dumbbell snatches, Rx 70#
10 double unders

DAMN!!!! Dubs were totally on point. So good to be able to break out sets of 20 instead of 1 and then 4 and then 2….

It was a good WOD for me. Long (19:07), with a heavy dumbbell snatch and some aerobic burner stuff. Wallballs work in that vein as do the dubs. It was also nice to be the only person going Rx. Bit of an ego boost.

Great stuff. Now working all day while my family cruises Sonoma, hits the town, farmers market and such.

Well it’s a hot one….


2nd workout today: 1,000m row, 1 mile run, 800m prowler w/ 90#.

Ouch. Little toasty.

Prowler took longer than the other two combined. Off the run I was all, “yeah, I got this.”


Doing work…. Wednesday, July 13th morning session

Mobility:  glutes, pigeon stretch, groiners, bunch of other stuff

Partial Clean Deadlift 5×3 @ 165-185

*Pause 3 sec 1″ off the ground
*Pause 3 sec @ below knee
*Back down to ground
*Focus is keeping butt down and using the hips – squat the ground away

Jefferson Curl 3×12 #45 BB

Metcon: 4 Rounds
10 Cal Bike
10 Hang Power Cleans #75
10 Bar Facing Burpees
Rest 60-90 sec

5am start was fun. Not.

There was a ring row/wallclimb component also, but I was allowed to skip it due to time constraints.

Metcon was a burner. 1:30 per round. First round was slower at 1:44 because I hadn’t warmed up burpees. That may sound silly, but got to test each movement before trying to hit it hard.

off to work….

Snatch work and a Bar Muscle Up EMOM

Mobility: Pecs/Traps, Shoulders, and Glutes

Snatch  Balance Work
Pressing  Snatch Balance 3×5
Heaving  Snatch Balance 3×3
Snatch  Balance 3×1

Ring  Holds & DUs 0:10/0:10,  0:20/0:20, 0:30/0:30 WORK:REST
Elevated  Ring Hold (Chest 2 Rings)
Elevated  Ring Hold (Arms in Extension)
Double  Unders

Min 1 =  2-3 Bar MUs (as singles)
Min 2 =  10-15 Dips
Min 3 =  20 Goblet Squats (24kg)

So much fun to be had. My snatch SUCKS!!!!! I’m not exaggerating. It sucks. I need to work on technique. Looks like my coach knows that. Weights were embarrassingly light (85# and 105#), but back off the bullshit. Drop weight and work technique.

Ring holds – holding at the top HURTS. It was struggle bus time to keep my chest to the rings. I wasn’t 100% successful. That’s OK. Did false grip on the arms extended. Surprisingly that didn’t suck. Did I mention that my dubs are back? They are. Lot of improvement needed, but they are back!

EMOM – oh holy hell! 3 bar MU per round, singles every time which eliminates the benefit of the downward swing. Did 10 dips. Most were good, except for round 3 which SUCKED. Really hurting then. Side note- during the squats in round 3 I was stoked. “LAST MUTHA FUCKIN’ ROUND!” Then I woke up and realized I had another full round to go.

Last round was rough. Got through it. In the goblet squats I had been breaking at 10 or 11. This time I sad “fuck it” and didn’t break. Just slowed it down a bit and kept moving.

Great stuff!!!!

CrossFit: Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Foam  Roll/LAX Bal:l Front  of Shoulders, Pecs, Forearms
Barbell Smash Traps
Thoracic  Extension

Snatch  Complex E2MOM  for 8 Sets
1 Hang  Power Snatch
1  Snatch
1  Behind the Neck Press
1  Snatch Balance
*Goal  is fluidity to the bottom of the squat in the snatch

Skill; 5  Sets
20 sec  Foot Elevated False Grip Ring Row  Static Hold
30 sec  Double Unders

Metcon:  Unbroken Thruster Ladder #45
*Rest  30-60 sec between sets

Snatch complex – oh how I suck at snatching. couldn’t drop into squat for anything. Coach wanted it to be “fluid.” Yeah, that’s not a word I’d use to describe my snatch technique.

False grip – I’m getting more comfortable with it. Still not normal at all, but getting there.

Thrusters…. 45# is just the barbell, but my problem with thrusters is not the weight it’s that I can’t freakin’ breathe when cycling thrusters. This ladder HURT. So much hypoxia, but I did make it through 21 reps unbroken. Wasn’t able to do the backside cleanly, but 21 consecutive thrusters at any weight is a HUGE improvement for me.

Now to add some weight.

Overall a good day at the box

Crossfit, Tuesday, July 5th

Mobility  Focus: Upper Back
LAX  Ball – upper back 2 mins total
PVC  Roll – lats 1 min each side
Banded  Shoulder Distraction – grab a band  and spend 3-5 mins on both

Pendlay  Row 5×3
*Add  10-15lbs from weight two weeks ago
Chinese  Row 4×8
*Add  10lbs from weight from two weeks ago

These are kind of fun. Went same weight on Chinese Row, added 20# on Pendlay Row

Skill:  Double Unders
Every  3 Minutes for 15 Minutes:
Max  Unbroken Set of DU
Rest 5
10  Sets: Double Unders, Rest
1:1  Work to Rest Ratio
@ 75%%  of Max DU Set
*Increased  by 25% from last week

Did NONE of this…. Instead I worked single-single-double until that felt legit then I tried to hit some consecutive dubs until I crashed and burned. Went back to single-single-double and then tried dubs again. Hit 18 which is a minor miracle of late.

Metcon:  Bermuda Triangle, 30min  EMOM
Min 1:  Bike Cals 15
Min 2:  Ski Erg Cals 15
Min 3:  Row Cals 15
*Record  reps (cals) per round
*Scale  back cals to stay under 50 seconds per station

OK, this one hurt. Held 14 cals for 3 rounds, dropped to 12 cals for another 3 and then struggled to hit 10 cals for the remainder. Bermuda Triangle indeed!!!

Buy Out
3 consecutive muscle ups. Working hard on trying to let my right hand roll on top of the bar instead of death gripping it and doing a massive chicken wing with my left arm. Still chicken-winging, but I could feel a difference today. The first rep was almost legit. I did feel where I was pressing out with both arms instead of pressing out with my left and my right comes along for the ride.