Gwen – deceptive

had another go at Gwen yesterday. Failed.

15-12-9 clean and jerk, add weight each round, you choose the weight.

Sets must be unbroken. No regrip on the ground.

It always seems so light to start out, but hanging on to a moderately heavy bar for 15/12/9 reps of clean and jerk is so much harder than 30 reps of Grace, also a moderate weight bar, but you can let go of the thing.

Got the 15 though the struggle was real. Only hit 10 of the 12 and 7 of the 9. Forearms were fried each set. Darn, this is a tough one.

Finished off with 10-8-6-4-2 strict C2B with 3 wallclimbs per round.

Feeling it today

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