Month: September 2016

That wasn’t so bad after all – 35 min AMRAP

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.00.22 AM


“conversation pace” is a great descriptor for me. Used to use this for years when running. How hard was the effort?

  • Could you hold a conversation easily?
  • Could you talk with single sentences?
  • Can you only say a couple of words at a time?
  • Can you only  speak in monosyllables?
  • Can you even breathe?

Of course I went a bit harder than “conversation pace” but only to about 75-80% where I was able to talk in single sentences. Pushing it but not that hard.

Handstand kick ups were interesting – in that a bunch of them turned into handstand holds. That’s something I really need to work on, and it was freakin’ awesome to feel vertical.

Hit 8 rounds with 30 seconds to spare, and that was with a steady sustained effort. Cool stuff.

35 minutes? It sounded long, but it didn’t feel long when I was into it. Then again, I love, love, love long sucky workouts.

Box was doing 800m run/ 60 cal row / 40 T2B / 25 deads @ 275#. Damn, that looked like fun.


On Tuesdays we clean

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.45.57 AM

Did a whole lot of snatching yesterday, and my knees were stiff as hell getting into the gym at 5am this morning for a clean kind of day. You know it’s going to be a tough morning when you have to (and I do mean “have to”) hold onto the hand rail when going downstairs to make coffee.

took a long time to get my legs/patella tendons mobile enough to get into a squat. Did the last 2 reps of my final set at 85%.

Lifting on 4 hours of sleep is not beneficial.

Metcon – went with 4 reps on the power cleans and unbroken on every round of  toes-to-bar.

Work was done. That’s what matter.

Back to the Grind

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 8.28.48 AM

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 8.29.48 AM

couldn’t find the gorilla plate, so went 60 sec planks with 45# plate instead of bumping it to 65# for the second round.

and then the Metcon. It’s been a down week: physically not on my game and mentally a LOT going one. One thing that brings me back is diving into the suck and gutting it out. Yeah. This was it.

Went 155# on the barbell walk – not comfortable on the traps if you ask me, and 45# dumbbells on the farmer’s carry.

Here’s the kicker…. the close-out 1k row? only 4 seconds off my 1k row PR.

I know. That’s what I thought too…..