About Me

KB snatch - more croppedOstensibly this is a blog about CrossFit.

Are you still reading? Didn’t scare you away? OK, good. It’s not all about CrossFit. This is also a place for me to post my longer-form thoughts about anything and everything that crosses my mind: life, family, marriage, politics (though I’m trying to tone that down a bit), the world…. I also post a lot about CrossFit. Yes, I’m obsessed with CrossFit, but, in all honesty, I’ve been obsessed with exercise, fitness, extreme sports, for a long time now. Running, kayaking, surfing, rock climbing, ice climbing, triathlon, adventure racing, zumba. OK, not zumba, but only because I can’t dance.

Some details. California born and raised (yeah, I know, how lucky am I?). Served 5 years in the Navy specifically Navy Construction, i.e. the SeaBees, exiting as an Engineering Aide 2nd Class. Went back to school: first Ventura Community College and then got my BS in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley (or “Cal” as we like to call it). Picked up an MBA from Santa Clara University. Live, work, and play in the Silicon Valley. Basically I’m a guy who keeps plugging along, chasing goals, and making things happen.

It’s really easy to google “Crossfit” or do a YouTube search on “Crossfit” and find amazing videos and stories of Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa and all these other amazing human beings who are just phenomenal physical specimens, have worked their asses off, and have earned their titles as “fittest people on earth.” But that’s the surface or the pinnacle.

One of the things that a lot of people who look at CrossFit miss is that the bulk of CrossFit, maybe 90%, are people who go to their jobs, go to a workout, and look to do better for themselves by doing so. It’s not about people going to the Games. It’s not about people winning competitions. For most people the real competition is just getting to the gym and finding time to workout.

There are a few among that 90% who seek to go as hard as they can and attain some level of performance. We won’t be winning the Games or even winning local competitions, but we will be pushing ourselves to new heights. That’s what I think this is about for me.

I’m a Dad, first. I’m a husband. I’m a career guy. I work long hours. I love my family an what I do. I’m also an exercise junky/addict from way back, and that’s what CrossFit does for me. It gives me a way to focus on me, a path to work out some of my demons, and  a way to constantly, constantly seek improvement.

My name is Ron Renwick, and I’m a 47 year old father of 2, together with my amazing wife of almost 20 years. Former distance athlete (tri’s, marathons, ultras, adventure racing, any stupid distance I’d do it), general aerobic junky. OK, serious aerobic addict. 5K 18:15, 10k 38:05 (and that was off the bike in an oly tri).

Life is about balancing now. Balancing time time with family, career, and time in the box, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a bonus, here’s the voice recording from my phone of me brainstorming this “About Me.” Added special bonus? You get to hear the turn signal on my car as I waited at a light…