My Journey

I signed up at NorCal Crossfit on November 24th, 2011. Due to some lingering injuries I started in earnest in January of 2012.

More important than when I started is the question of “why did you start?”

I’ve been an endurance athlete for most of my life. After trying to do bodybuilding stuff and realizing my body type wasn’t build for making large muscles I switched back to my original loves: running and bike riding. Triathlon was a logical pursuit, and I loved it. I spent almost 20 years doing triathlons from local sprint distances to IronMan in addition to running, running, and more running. Did I mention that I dabbled in running?

Time and overuse caught up to me. In 2004 I had an experimental back surgery called IDET on my L3-L4 disc. After over a year of trying 20+ injections and various IDETprocedures to eliminate my life in pain I finally had some relief. Unfortunately my L5-S1 disc went south starting in 2009. Although surgery had worked I just couldn’t face another surgery and recuperation period with 2 small kids in the house. I could not picture myself telling a crying 2 daughter, “I’m sorry honey I can’t pick you up.”

Though I despised being in a gym I knew that I had to do something. On a drive around the neighborhood I noticed very small private training gym, and decided to check it out. My trainer was excellent. When I started after doing a set of dumbbell bench presses I couldn’t even sit up. I had to roll onto the ground and then slowly get up. My back hurt that bad and was that weak.

Over time I was able to build back to a decent level and eliminate my back pain. Core work. Core work. Core work. My trainer knew that I liked varied fitness, so he would set up challenges. Push-ups on objects of various heights followed immediately by pull-ups or shoulder presses or ab work…. varied fitness done at high intensity. Hmmmmmm….

I ran out of spare cash, and my trainer moved away. After trying for a while to do it myself and losing ground I finally decided to check out that thing several of my e-buddies were talking about, CrossFit.

The rest, as they say, is history. I joined NorCal at the Mountain View location. Soon I was going 5-6 times a week. I was hooked, and I felt great. Still do.

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