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CrossFit Open Scoring – How does Scaling work for Points, Place and Score?

2016Games-logoAs CrossFitters, I think we all know what Scaling is, but, before 2015, scaling a workout was not in option in the Open.

In order to put muscle ups first in a WOD and not face the wrath of 200,000+ average CrossFitters, in 2015 HQ added a Scaled option to each WOD.

Ooops. that’s just my opinion. It’s entirely possible that I am not wrong.

How does Scaling work in the Open?

Each WOD has 2 choices, Rx and Scaled. Every week you get to choose which option is better for you. Yes, you can switch back and forth between Scaled and Rx each week. If you do Week 1 Scaled, you can do Week 2 Rx. For Week 3 you get to choose again.

Initially people thought that there was a rule about Scaling – once you Scale one workout you have to Scale the rest of the workouts. That is not true. Scale or Rx is your decision to make for each WOD.

Besides the workout or rep scheme, your Place is different if you Scale or Rx.

One rep of Rx counts more than any number of reps for a Scaled workout.

Using our 100 person box example from the previous explanations let’s look at how Scale and Rx are assigned Points. Let’s say the WOD is 15.3 (14 minute AMRAP

Rx: 7 muscleups, 50 wallballs, 100 double unders

Scaled: 50 wallballs, 200 singles

50 people in the box do the WOD Rx, and 50 people do the WOD Scaled.

You are close to your first muscle up, and you finally get it. Just 1, but it’s a muscle up.


Your friend Mary does the WOD Scaled and hits 4 rounds. Yes, she does 1,000 reps in 14 minutes. She has the “best” Scaled score in your box. In that same 14 minutes you did 1 rep.

Everyone else in your box did at least 2 muscle ups, so you come in 50th place out of the 50 people who did Rx. Because Mary did the Scaled workout she comes in 51st place. It does not matter that Mary has literally 1,000x more reps than you do.

1 rep of Rx scores higher than any number of Scaled reps, for each WOD.

That’s not a judgment call on my part. It’s the rules. For Place and Points we rank ourselves against each other weekly. Because you did Rx, you Place higher than anyone who does the WOD Scaled.

Does that mean that you will always rank higher in the overall standings than Mary?


It means for 15.3 you rank higher. You get 50 points for your point total, and Mary gets 51 points for her total. Whoever has the lowest points overall ranks higher.

This picture shows where someone who Rx’d every workout is ranked lower overall than a couple of people who had Scaled workouts which is noted by the “-s” after their score.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.31.15 AM

Note: this is over the course of 5 weeks.

Why is this possible? Because the people who Scaled 15.3 had better relative scores in the other WODs which allows their one Scaled WOD not to drag them down too far. IMO, this is pretty fair. The Open is a test of general fitness, and having a certain skill, i.e. a muscle up, does not mean you are generally more fit than someone else. Basically it all works out.

Can I qualify for Regionals or the Masters Qualifier if I Scale workouts?

By the rules – Yes. If you have sufficient points to be in the overall Top-200 for your Masters Age Group (worldwide), or you have sufficient points to be in the Top-20 of your region as an Individual, then you can advance to the next level. HQ made that clear last week. If you Scale workouts you are eligible to advance to the next round.

Let’s be honest though.

If you are trying to qualify for Regionals you will not make it if you scale a workout.

If you are old, like me, it depends on your age group. If you are under 55 – male or female – you had to Rx every workout to get enough points to make it into the top-200 in your age group. In the 60+ age groups a few people made it into the Masters Qualifier having Scaled 1 or more of the Open WODs.

Truth of the matter – pick the version of the workout that is right for you. Scaled and Rx both mean that you are competing in the Open, which is pretty damned cool. My point here is only to explain how the math works.

CrossFit Open Scoring Part 3 – Do Scaled WODs affect the Masters Qualifier?

Update, March 19th: Athletes in all Masters categories who choose to perform the scaled version of Workout 15.4, or previously chose to scale Workout 15.3, will still be eligible to advance to the Masters Qualifier. They will be ranked below all athletes who performed the Rx’d versions, but will not be ineligible for the next stage of competition.

Short answer – Scaled WODs do not affect the Masters Qualifier because you have to Rx all WODs and finish in the Top 200 Worldwide of your age group in order to advance.

But here’s the longer answer that I wrote up before that confirmation was available.

In Part 1 we covered how the Open is scored.

In Part 2 we covered how scores from Scaled WODs are calculated for the Overall Leaderboard.

For this edition, Part 3, let’s look at how (if) Scaled WODs affects the Master’s Qualifier (MQ).

The rules on are pretty clear on the Master’s Qualifier. The top 200 finisher’s in each age group will be invited to perform 4 additional WODs starting on April 23rd for the purpose of determining the Top 20 who go to the Games.

So that gives us 2 phases that are really important to people. Getting into the Masters Qualifier and then getting from there to the Games. Let’s face it, only about the Top 40 in each Age Group have a shot at getting to the Games. That said, I, and man other people, would be hellaciously stoked just to make it to the Top 200. Most folks would love to make into the Masters Qualifier and get to those additional 4 WODs. Seeing as how I’m sitting just south of 2,000th place, it’s not really an issue for me…. this year (gotta have goals).

But enough about me. Each athlete in the Masters Qualifier will have 5 scores for Games selection. They have a score based on their finishing position in the Open and  a score for each MQ WOD.

So where is the confusion?

What happens if a Masters athlete does 1 or more Scaled WODs in the Open and still finishes in the Top 200 of their age group?

The rulebook is very clear on this:

Section 9.d.: Athletes who select a scaled workout in the Open will not be eligible for advancement to the next stage of the competition as Individual competitors.”

But what if an athlete places very high in their Masters age-group and Scales only one WOD? For example, what if an athlete ranks 35th Overall, and their only Scale was due to the muscle ups in 15.3 but they kicked ass in the other WODs?

More importantly, is this a useless hypothetical question that math nerds like to argue but doesn’t really impact a single person?Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.22.37 AM

Good news and bad news.

It’s a real question that does impact some people. If you are Male it is unlikely to affect you. If you are Male and aged 40-44 it definitely does NOT affect you. There are already 1,400 people who have Rx’d every WOD and will likely Rx the next 2 WODs.

If you are Female and looking at a slot in the Top 200 then it probably does affect you.

I scanned through the Leaderboard (Overall) to find out where the first person with a Scaled WOD score appears in the Overall rankings. This chart shows their Overall position (all WODs not just 15.3). In Women 45-49, a person with a Scaled WOD (15.3) is in 35th place Overall.

Note: This is as of Tuesday afternoon. There is still time for Affiliates to validate more scores. Though this 35th place will change it is not likely to fall below 200th place.

What does this mean for the Masters Qualifier?

Will people with Scaled scores be allowed to advance?

I don’t know.


Update: from HQIn order to advance to the Masters Qualifier you must submit a valid Rx score for all of the Open workouts and place in the top 200 overall of your division. Submitting a Scaled score or not submitting a score at all will disqualify you from the Masters Qualifier. Let me know if you have any further questions and good luck!”


I know that the rules are very clear. The answer is they “will not be eligible for advancement.” That said, there are 2 weeks left in the Open. That is 2 opportunities for The Dave Castro to throw some shakeups into the CrossFit World. Maybe there will be another special WOD that requires a critical movement like muscle-ups that puts more people into the Scaled WOD and knocks them out of the Top 200.

A person in the CF Masters FaceBook group emailed HQ and asked about what will happen if someone has a Scaled WOD and finishes in the Top 200 of their Masters Age Group – HQ replied to her email with  “we will evaluate after the Open.”

If you are currently in 201st place and have done all WODs Rx that may mean you have hope that HQ will remove anyone who Scaled and advance the Top 200 who Rx’d.

If you are currently in the Top 200 and you did a Scaled WOD that may mean you have hope that HQ will keep you in the mix. But I wouldn’t count on it especially given that Sam Briggs didn’t even make it to the Games last year.

However, it is their competition, and they have the right to adapt the rules if they find it necessary to do so. That’s not a complaint. I think HQ does a great job. It’s just a statement.

As always – on the one hand it sucks to get old. On the other hand, at least us silverbacks have Age Groups to compare ourselves to. If you are 32 years old you get to compare your scores to….some dude named Rich Froning…. Good luck with that.

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Boom! There it is…. CrossFit Open 15.3

Plan for 2015 Open was “1 and done.” Then 15.3 came along. First it shattered my confidence. Then it opened my mind. On Friday I was able to hit 4 muscle-ups in 14 minutes, and I was toast. That’s hard work.

Saturday’s WOD truly and completely sucked. I was seriously out of gas. My kids were doing the CrossFit Kids workout, so I stuck around and did the WOD at about 50%. Post-WOD I knew I had to hit a muscle up. Tried once – missed. Regrouped and hit it. Good for the confidence.

Decided that I really had to do 15.3 again. I knew I could get through the muscle ups and into the wallballs. Maybe not past the wall balls, but definitely a few wall balls.

Sunday morning – 10am Open Gym. Grouped up with a few others. One guy was trying to get 3 complete rounds, so I went second to cheer him on Pre-WOD he asked if the rings were high enough for me… so I hopped on and knocked out a muscle up…. Yep, they were high enough.

At the end of his 14 minutes he had a crowd of 20 around him cheering our heads off. He got 97 double unders of round 3. Damn!

My turn… This time I was wearing the oly shoes and knee sleeves – need all the help I can get for those wall balls.

Hit muscle up 1 with relative ease. I missed on my first try at #2. Oops. That’s a lot of wasted effort. Took a break, chilled out and hit it. Was taking 45 or so seconds between attempts. Wanted to feel 100%. Got through 2, then 3, then 4. 5 would be a new record – got it. Then 6. Then 7. BAM! Kipped the shit out of ‘em and felt OK after.

Wallballs – well, they have never been my favorite, and my lack of conditioning showed. Did sets of 10 with coach counting down 10 second breaks. Holy crap my hip mobility sucks.

Double-unders. My new rope is awesome, but it still requires a good operator. I was gassed from the wall balls. Took a really long break and strung together….3. Yep, only 3. I knew I needed to gather myself, so I chilled out. I simply cannot do Dubs when I’m pissed off and tense.

Back on track, 10′ish Dubs per set. At this point I was allowing myself to hope that I could get through an entire round. Got to 70 with about 90 seconds left – maybe? Gave it what I had in the tank and got to 100.

1 full round in 15.3!!!! Hell yeah!

Got back to the rings at 13:28. Tried to hit a muscle up at 13:45, but I was absolutely shot.

One full round. My first time doing 7 muscle ups.

I’m good with that.

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CrossFit Open WOD 15.3 (Friday Edition)

Yep, all the grumbing, the ranting, the butthurtedness that Dave Castro dared to make muscle-ups the first movement in 15.3. Well, it’s CrossFit. We gotta suck it up and try.

I’ve been avoiding muscle ups. Quite frankly, they scare the shit out of me. It’s a big, technical, scary-assed movement. But “it scares me” is a pretty poor excuse. I was stoked that muscle ups were first. I know my score, if I could get one, would suck, but I also knew that I would be trying muscle ups when I was fresh – not doing a row/toes-to-bar/wallball/power clean body killer beforehand.

My goal – 2 reps. I knew I could do 1. I fucking knew it. It was about getting in the box and doing the work. If I could get 2 though it would mean something.

Tried 1 muscle up during warmup. Nope. That sucked. Got some advice from the coach.

Then I counted for a really good guy for 14 minutes. Counting double unders kind of sucks just so you know.

My turn. Let’s do this. Big back kip (coach’s most recent advice) and BAM! There I was on top of the rings. Press it out. 1 legit rep – only 20 seconds in.

it took me 8 more minutes and several failed attempts, but I finally hit rep 2. Goal met. 6 minutes remaining. The failed reps had really sapped me though.

12 minutes – swing, swing, BAM! 3 reps! and with more time left.

13:30 – back on the rings, make it count. NAILED IT!!!! 4 reps. There was only 15 seconds left, so I figured “why the fuck not?” and didn’t come off the rings. You know what? I damned near got #5. Really, really close.


If it wasn’t for the Open, I wouldn’t have fought this hard. Came really close to crying. I’m almost 50 years old. I’ve done a lot of stuff in my life. But it’s coming to a point where I don’t have very many “first time” experiences. I get to revel in my kids’ achievements and their firsts, but I really have to revel in this – my first ever workout with repeat muscle-ups.

and it won’t be my last.

Back Squats… and thoughts on 15.3

First off – 15.3.

Oh hell yeah! 15.3 is PERFECT!!!! I don’t even have muscle ups, I think that 15.3 is fan-fucking-tastic.

It’s CrossFit. Be challenged. Gonna bust my ass tomorrow to get at least 1 rep. Got to within 0.0005 mm today of getting through the transition. Tomorrow it WILL happen.

so many people in the Master’s community are bitching their asses off. They wouldn’t be complaining if this was a wheelhouse WOD. Live with it! Those who have muscle ups will shoot up the Leaderboard.

OK – squats. Simple rep scheme today – 5-5-3-3-1-1. No way in hell am I going to go for my 1 rep max, so I wasn’t even worried about the 1′s. Took it slow. Have only squatted 75#’s since September 8th (which is when I set my current PR, 4 days before surgery….)

bare bar – OK.
95# – felt it on my back but OK. easy 5 reps
125# – very small jumps here. Want to really feel my hip. 5 reps
145# – (because I’m lazy and added 10s instead of switching t 45′s) – no problem with a set of 5
155# – again, I could feel it. Definitly weak, but got a set of 5

by now I was doing 2 things – I was really feeling my weakness which was no surprise and I was wondering, “hmmmmmm, how far should I go with this?” It was “damn, I want to really do this” coupled with a heavy dose of “take it easy, don’t go nuts.”

165# – again – set of 5, slow and controlled.
185# – just added dimes, so jump was 20#, too lazy to walk over and grab 5# plates, but it didn’t feel too bad. Did a set of 3

Figured I could push it a little bit. My hip was feeling tight though.

205# – over bodyweight (190# on the scale this morning), more than a little worried about how this would feel.

1 rep up and down, then re-racked the bar, coach right next to me. 1 seriously easy rep. Coach asked, “why did you only do 1 rep, that was really easy for you?”

rested, got under it again and did 2 reps.

Felt good. Felt really good. Felt weak as hell too, but it felt GOOD!!! 2 reps at 205# – first time squatting with real weight since before hip surgery. So darn stoked.

Had some pull-up thing to do after back squats, but I flailed at muscle-ups instead. Must….get…..1…..tomorrow.