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On to the Post-Mortem – a requiem for the 2015 CrossFit Open

Your scores are done and dusted. You have done all that you can do for the 2015 Open. Some of you are moving on to the Masters Qualifier. Some of you are anxiously awaiting the moment when Games tickets go on sale.

The obvious question is: What did you learn?Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.32.55 AM

I learned a few things:

  • I can do muscle ups – yes, that is plural “ups” and not singular “a muscle up”
  • HSPUs require A LOT MORE shoulder mobility than I currently have
  • Not being injured helps a lot when it comes to making gainz
    • not that I’ve had an injury free year for a long damned time
  • I finished 2015 right where I finished 2014 – almost
  • a shitload of people do not understand the CrossFit Open scoring system
  • the Scaled option was huge in several ways

let’s look at that last one. Having a Scaled option created some interesting opportunities. Everyone could get a score, and HQ was freed up to put some nasty elements into a WOD – i.e. muscle ups.

I scale a LOT at my gym. I probably scale more often than I Rx. I’d offer that is true for most of us. I would also offer that the competition of the Open drives people just a little bit harder and makes them really want to Rx. You can want something really, really badly, but if you didn’t work for it you ain’t going to get it. I was able to knock out the first 3 HSPUs in 15.4, but the next round was no fun at all. Why? because I never work HSPUs….

You might notice in my graph (above) that there is no entry for 15.5. Knee pain was way too severe to try and force my way through 72 thrusters, so I had to gracefully bow out. In all honest, I wasn’t too stoked about doing it anyway. Thrusters are NOT my friend. Rowing is my friend, but them thrusters? No. Just, no.

The 2015 Open reminded me of  the many things that I need to work on. Some of them are recovery related – hip mobility, lateral leg strength, regaining my endurance. And some of them or general – gymnastic skills, overall strength, etc.

I hate being reminded of my weaknesses. I also love honesty.

The CrossFit Open is your best friend telling you that you look like shit when you….look like shit. You hate them for it, but you know that they have your best interest at heart.

Onward to 2016…

And here we have the glaring weakness… 15.5 and thrusters

15.3 was a spotlight on a hole in my CrossFit game – muscle ups. Holes are frustrating, but often they are something that is beyond our reach or something that we just need to work on to fill the hole.  I was able to find enough dirt to fill that hole.

15.5 is another beast altogether.

Thrusters have never been in my wheelhouse. I’m a long, skinny dude, with horrible mobility in hips, ankles, AND shoulders means that I have never loved thrusters. To be honest, they have never loved me either. Let’s add in that afternoon of hip surgery back in September – I’m only cleared to “start” lifting weights again this month.

By “start” I am fairly certain that my surgeon was thinking of 95# squats and not 72 reps of 95# thruster.

Here’s the deal though. I know it’s a weakness. I was 100% confident that they would appear in the Open. That’s CrossFit.

That said – the opening set of 27 reps is scaring the hell out of me.