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And the WOD I chose today was….

none of the above.

Jackie, Fran, Helen….. all of the girls were available. However, last week I didn’t squat on Monday which meant I had to squat Tue/Wed/Thur/Friday, and that hurt. Way too much back to back squatting on consecutive days, and I was not about to do that again this week.

With very little time today and having overslept and missed the 6am slot I bolted out during lunch for 6×6 front squats @ 82%. It was quick. it wasn’t easy. I was done.

Talked with a woman from England who was dropping in and squatting much more than I was. That would have hurt my pride, but she wants to move to California (doesn’t everyone?) and I…..already live here.

I win.

Still need to get stronger. Much stronger.