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Being the unequaled Lord and Master

It’s pretty easy to be the alpha-male in my house

I’m…. the only male in my house…. 1 wife, 2 daughters

even the 2 dogs are female.

One dog is an infallible rock. That’s the 65# pit bull. The other dog, however, is an antsy, edgy, always moving chihuahua…. Don’t ask – my daughter wanted a chihuahua. The chihuahua is scared shitless of me. She always has been. No, I’ve never given her reason to be so. It’s probably because I’m the biggest person in the house, I’m loud, and the whole alpha-male thing. (humor me, it;s all I’ve got…)

The little dog is also incredibly social. She reveres my oldest daughter. She actually likes all people, but she rarely comes anywhere near me. This weekend, since I was the only one around it was hilarious to watch her. I’m spending hours on hands and knees, washing baseboards. Do you know how nasty dirty baseboards get? Then taping them off for painting.

Chihuahua is clearly desperate for some attention. She’s also not clear on how to approach me for an ear scratch. When I said, “hours” I meant it. Her proximity kept getting closer and closer, but only by a millimeter at a time. Then I’d move to tape off another section, and she would run away then come back just a little bit closer, I’d lean and she’d jump away.

So I decided to sit still. See what happened – totally army style low crawl, she almost got to within arms reach. It was my own little science experiment.

Finally close enough, I reached out and scratched her ears. The sigh was physical. Then I slid over to tape another section, and she shot away only to come back again. Maybe a little closer this time.

I maybe petted her 3 times all weekend, but it cracked me up every time.

I hate painting baseboards.