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Week 1 of RP Diet

Goal of going on a diet plan is pretty simple – eat. Eat regularly. Don’t skip meals, wind up in caloric debt, and then grab anything in site. I don’t see a need to either gain or lose weight.

5 solid days last week. Meal prep is obviously key. Repetitions of meals didn’t bother me at all. Having steady energy and not being hungry felt awesome.

Friday night bothered me…. Daughter’s birthday, Thursday screaming match with my boss at 9:30pm, majorly off-balance for the rest of the night and day. Walking down the the pizza joint and grabbing a beer with my wife while our daughters were in Friday evening dance class threw me off. No excuses, just stating the facts as I see them. Hope to learn and improve.

Weekends are a bit of a challenge. I’ve seen that most people complain about weekends because they tend to cheat on Saturdays. I find that the weekdays are solid because there is structure and weekends are a challenge because they are unstructured. Clearly I need to keep more structure on the weekends.

Week 1 results – weight stable, body fat% stable. Many lessons learned.


Diet – as a whole…. and how it has changed

OK, yesterday was a bad food day. Actually this week is a bad food week. It’s OK. I can live with my choices.

Though most of my calories yesterday were in the form of M&Ms and churros I have to be honest with myself. My diet has changed significantly over the last 3 years. Some time back, no doubt due to the paleo babble at the gym, I made a conscious choice to try the Primal diet. It made sense to me. Eat more good stuff, eat less crap.

Not long after that my box did their annual food challenge which reinforced my new eating routine.

Now? I am definitely NOT a paleo poster boy, but my basic food intake is so much better. I can’t even remember the last time I had a plate of spaghetti. I don’t even know what “gluten intolerance” really means, but I do know that eating bread and similar products makes me feel like hell.

So I avoid them. I love bread, but now I eat it only occasionally and only when it’s really good. No sandwiches for lunch. No chowing on sub-standard bread at a restaurant just because it’s in front of me. My mood is generally better. My energy is generally better. I don’t tend to have those low-blood sugar anger moments.

I could do a much better job. I have bad days. Sometimes I have bad weeks. The difference is that I have a much better understanding of why I feel lethargic or bloated.

As a whole though – so glad that I’ve changed how I eat. More good meet. More good vegetables. Less grains. And a whole lot less processed food.

Quite frankly – it ain’t all that hard.

Blackberries – are a scourge upon humanity

I am not a sentimental man. No matter what you may have heard, or read on my own blog, that states otherwise….

blackberry basketIf you grew up where I did, you will know that blackberries are evil. Not the berries themselves, but the plants. Insidious, nasty, thorn covered things that inundate creeks, are impossible to eradicate, and dry in the winter to become spiny, cable like, instruments of torture just waiting to snare a small child on a bicycle. I’ve spent hours upon hours cutting them, bulldozing them (OK, running a Cat as a 14 year old was some cool shit), slashing them with a saw blade equipped weed eater (the big, full harness kind).

If you spent hours in the woods, as my mother was more than happy that I did, and were thirsty, it was always a nasty ordeal to get water. Every creek was surrounded by the nasty buggers. You’d slash your legs bloody, rip flesh from your hands, just to get close to the cool water you so craved. On this I’m not exaggerating. Those bushes are fucking nasty.

But if you could get past wading into the morass of thorns, late in the summer, you could fill buckets upon buckets of black, sweet, succulent berries. Sugar and goodness that dripped black-purple stains on every t-shirt you owned.

The local farmer’s market has a berry stand. There are no thorns to get to this stand. They accept cash and credit cards, and they have the most amazing blackberries. Sure, they are organic, but who cares about that?

I buy an obscenely priced box every weekend, and, just for a minute, I’m 14 again. Well, I’m an easy 70 pounds heavier (thank God!), but it’s 110degrees. I’m sweating and hot and have nowhere else to be. It’s dry as hell, the pine trees are scenting the air, the ground is baked to a crisp brown, the creek is gurgling at it’s late summer low water level with it’s fresh, clear goodness, and those sweet, delicious berries are providing the sugar of life.

And then my youngest daughter steals half the damned box, destroying my reverie.

That bone deep heat, that fresh off the vine goodness, that scent of pine in the scorching hot air…..

Just as long as I don’t have to pick them. But I am not sentimental. Don’t even think it.

Homemade granola – not #paleo

I have a huge weakness for breakfast cereal. I can eat bowl after bowl of Rice Krispies. Grape Nuts – by the box. They may be slightly better than Count Chocula, but they still suck. Sure I probably should eliminate oats and such from my diet, but I like ’em. They also work well for me in the morning, so I make my own cereal. The funny bit? It’s cheap as hell to make especially when you compare it to the ridiculous prices they charge for

There’s a really funny bit at the end that’s totally good-food related

preheat oven to 310 or 315
6 cups oatmeal
1 cup slivered almonds
1 cup raw sunflower seeds
1 cup shredded coconut (unsweetened if you can find it)
2 tablespoons sesame seeds
mix that stuff up in a bowl

put about 4 tablespoons of oil in a saucepan over medium-low heat. I use coconut oil. It’s delicious. Add 3/4 cup of honey. Stir until it all heats up and blends. Pour that over the oats and stuff and stir. Spread the mix equally in baking sheets. ( I used nonstick spray because I’m lazy).

Bake for 15 minutes.
Bake for 15 more minutes (that’s 30 minutes total)
let cool for 30 minutes
add 4 cups of raisins.


Here’s the interesting part. When I binge on regular cereal I freakin’ binge. Seriously – 3 or 4 huge bowls. Quite frankly it’s disgusting. I’m pretty sure it’s because the fat and sugar contents have been chemically optimized to fake my stomach out which enables us to consume mass quantities.

Even though I love the taste (hell, even the texture) of my granola, I can’t binge on this stuff. If I eat a bowl and wait a minute I’m too full to even contemplate another bowl.

Score 1 for real food.

“Rest days are the perfect opportunity to fuel my body and also the days when I don’t want to eat a damned thing”