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It’s time to kill High School Debate

having been an avid political-junky for many years I’m decided that the the central problem facing America is…

High School Debate

It teaches you that “winning the debate” is more important than….being right or admitting that your position is flawed or [God forbid!] ever admitting that your opponent has a point. Look at the format – a topic is provided and you have to be able to both support and destroy it regardless of your personal views or what the scientific consensus is.

Your only goal is for your position to be better stated than your opponents. 5 seconds later you might be arguing the opposite position.

Look at politics today. What I said two seconds ago is irrelevant. There is no history. There is not agreeing that someone else may [gasp!] be correct. The PPACA (i.e. Obamacare) is a Republican health care plan… but they seek to repeal it. Ted Cruz charged handsomely to defend the Stimulus package payouts until he was against them…. those are just 2 examples.

Consistency of message and maybe listening to what the other person has to say will save us. Clearly Debate contests are the heart of the problem and must be stopped, for the good of America.