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Just the barbell.

lifting day. Meetings this morning started at 6:30am and are going until 9pm, so I hopped out for a lunchtime WOD. I deserve it.

7 rounds
1 squat clean (yes, I said “squat clean” – get over it)
2 front squats
1 jerk
rest 3 minutes between rounds

What that really means is, “lift heavy for several rounds.”

Cool. I can do that.

As with any temperature that is over 32deg F, I was sweating like I was in a sauna before we had even started the warmup sets…. Sorry people around me. It is what it is.

Work is a myriad of opinions lately

  • What is the relative priority of this feature?
  • How much will we penetrate the market in the 1st and 2nd quarter?
  • is that they write word to use in that sentence?

Feels so damned good to look at a bar and know unequivocally, “that’s 155#’s, and you did legit reps.” End of story.

Felt pretty good. Smolov Jr. cycles have helped my clean and front squat more than I thought. Missed the jerk at 185# – too tired from previous rounds. No worries. Just for fun I loaded up 195# to see if I could squat clean it. Squatting is not my friend, but you know that.

Nailed it. Not too tough actually. PR.

Tried for 205# which is my power clean PR. I hit it with a super ugly power clean. When it gets heavy my ability to drop under the bar disappears.

Good stuff – PR’d my squat clean and on a day that I expected nothing.

Don’t ask if you don’t want the answer

buddy posted a video to a group page….and he asked for advice about his form.

and his form was pretty bad

and people offered advice

and now he’s pissed off…


the butthurt is real

Yes Virginia, it IS called a "squat clean"

Are kipping pull-ups legitimate?

Is high rep Olympic weightlifting bad for you?

Does it mark you as an idiot to use the term “squat clean?”

OK folks, I can only do so much. Today I’ll take on question #3. Oly lifters will say “there is no such thing as a “squat clean.” It’s a clean. You either squat or you don’t.”

Fine. That’s great for people who focus, and excel at, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. CrossFitters don’t focus only on those two incredibly important lifts. We do a lot more. We LIKE to do a lot more.

Because of that our lingo varies from the Olympic Lifting crowd. In some CrossFit workouts there is a specific focus on doing the full squat in a clean. Maybe the weight is only 95#’s which just about any male can readily muscle clean (i.e. no dip at all when receiving the bar). But try to do that 15 times a round for 5 rounds when hitting a full squat and things change. Shit gets a lot harder.

That’s the point. The WOD standard is about what effort you need to put out. Doing Power cleans instead of fully squatting changes the effort. That’s why it’s a “squat clean.” And that’s why it is appropriate to use the term “squat clean.”