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Just the barbell.

lifting day. Meetings this morning started at 6:30am and are going until 9pm, so I hopped out for a lunchtime WOD. I deserve it.

7 rounds
1 squat clean (yes, I said “squat clean” – get over it)
2 front squats
1 jerk
rest 3 minutes between rounds

What that really means is, “lift heavy for several rounds.”

Cool. I can do that.

As with any temperature that is over 32deg F, I was sweating like I was in a sauna before we had even started the warmup sets…. Sorry people around me. It is what it is.

Work is a myriad of opinions lately

  • What is the relative priority of this feature?
  • How much will we penetrate the market in the 1st and 2nd quarter?
  • is that they write word to use in that sentence?

Feels so damned good to look at a bar and know unequivocally, “that’s 155#’s, and you did legit reps.” End of story.

Felt pretty good. Smolov Jr. cycles have helped my clean and front squat more than I thought. Missed the jerk at 185# – too tired from previous rounds. No worries. Just for fun I loaded up 195# to see if I could squat clean it. Squatting is not my friend, but you know that.

Nailed it. Not too tough actually. PR.

Tried for 205# which is my power clean PR. I hit it with a super ugly power clean. When it gets heavy my ability to drop under the bar disappears.

Good stuff – PR’d my squat clean and on a day that I expected nothing.